How To Get Forgotten Wolven Armor Gear – Witcher 3

The new badass armor for Geralt!

The Witcher 3 new and improved is finally here! With it comes a new set of gear that you are able to craft and improve Geral with. In this guide, we shall be talking about a new gear called Forgotten Wolven Armor and show you how to actually obtain and craft it. Let’s get started.

Witcher 3 – How To Get Forgotten Wolven Armor Gear

Quest Location

You will need to come just to the east of the Hanged Man’s Tree inside this very same location. Here you shall find an NPC that will be giving out a quest. You will need to pick up that quest and accept it. You will begin In The Eternal Fire’s Shadow.

Open The Gate Mine

Once you have picked up the quest, you will need to follow the waypoint on the map. You will need to take the road that is leading down to the hole and inside the mine. Here you shall find a Bandit Camp filled with enemies.

Clear out all the enemies that you will find here and find this wooden gate. Enter it and get inside the cave. You will then explore the mine and get to a note on the wall. Interact with the note to get a cutscene.

You will need to enter the hole that will be inside and behind the gate of the note. Follow the road and take care of every enemy that you will come across. You will then need to look for the other note.

Look For Notes & Enter Gate

Once you get along the road for a long while you will be jumping over some wooden platforms and looking for this gate shown above. On the gate, there will be a set of notes that you will need to take.

You will then need to enter through this gate and where the red rocks are you will get an NPC dropping down at you. Talk to this NPC and you shall get to the next phase of this quest.

Road To Kaer Morhen

You can go to any fast travel mark along your road and teleport to Kaer Morhen. Once you get here you will need to be looking for Osmund’s Notes. You will need to get inside the castle and you can find them on the scaffolding as shown above.

Once you pick up those scrips you will be able to go to the blacksmith and actually craft yourself some Forgotten Wolven Armor Gear. Congratulations!

We hope that this guide has helped you out on how to craft this amazing gear. Have fun crafting it yourself!

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