How To Become A Mage FAST – The Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos

Can you speedrun your way to becoming a Mage?

Being a Mage in the Chronicles of Myrtana is no easy feat. Many players struggle with the lack of Mana at the beginning of the game. However, if you want to become a Mage fast, take a look at this guide.

Become a Mage Fast – The Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos

At the beginning of the game, you do not have a lot of Mana so you can rely on scrolls instead. Do some jobs and quests to get gold and you should have enough to get Magic Scrolls. These are helpful since you cannot spam cast your spells early on.

If you want to increase your Mana Regen, you can purchase Mana Regen equipment. Go to the Old Town and talk to the Merchant there to get the equipment. Investing enough jewels can give you enough Mana Regeneration.

You can also brew Mana potions and use them during a fight to regenerate Mana during the early game.

If you want to get the 3rd Circle early on, slowly sneak your way into the Wolf den and use a Sleep spell on the wolf that is guarding the chest.

Another way to get Summon Bear early on is to quickly follow Lean and use the Sleep Spell again. The Summon Bear rune is an extremely powerful spell that you can use early in the game.

The Adanos shrines can also help refill your mana for the day without using potions.

Not enough? You may want to collect all magical runes in Myrtana.

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