How To Find The Amulet in Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition

Where is this little trinket?

Warrior Cats Ultimate Edition How To Find The Amulet

With Halloween here, there’s a new event that you can do in Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition. This event will lead you to all sorts of places and you’ll have to do a bunch of puzzles to find out what’s going on. It’s a bit of a spooky event since it is the theme of the holiday! One part of the quest is finding an Amulet, and it can be a bit tricky to find it.

In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the Amulet for the Halloween event in the game. Now, let’s see where can you find this item!

How To Find The Amulet

With the new Halloween update, comes a new event in Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition. You’ll have to do the first part of the quest first where you have to talk to Dawnie. We have a full guide on the Halloween event, so be sure to go check that one out!

After you talk to Dawnie, you’ll then need to talk to Tigress which can be found in the Unclaimed Lands in the Barn.

She’ll just be outside the barn. Now, go talk to her and ask her about the Trinket and the Thief.

Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition Tigress

Once you’ve exhausted all of her Dialogue options, you can then go inside the barn as shown below. You might need to open the door if it’s closed.

Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition Barn

When you enter the barn, go to the very back and the left. Behind a crate inside the hay pile is where you can find the amulet. You can go towards it and interact with it then dig the amulet out of the pile.

Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition Amulet Location

Now that you have the Amulet, you can go back to where you talked to Tigress. She won’t be there but goes to where she was to get the message “Tigress doesn’t seem to be here anymore…”

Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition Tigress Gone

After going to where Tigress is, you can then go back to the Treecut place where Dawnie was. Dawnie won’t be there as well, but you can go to where she was to progress the quest.

Once you’ve checked where Dawnie was, the quest will progress and you’ll get the Living Shadows Badge. This badge will reward you with the Sanguine Necklace accessory!

Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition Dawnie Gone

That’s how you find the Amulet in Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition. Now, go out there and try to find it yourself!

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