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How to Farm Skill Points (SP) in Atelier Ryza 3

Synthesize your way to godhood!

If you’ve been staring at the skill tree for quite some time you’ll notice that the further you move away from the center, the more expensive everything gets

Congratulations, if this is your first time playing Atelier Ryza 3 you just found out how much love the Japanese have for the grind, it’s almost like you’re playing Disgaea!

If the numbers scare you then don’t worry, the game isn’t that much of a sadist so just stick with this guide if you want to know more about how you can farm skill points or SP in a shorter amount of time.

Atelier Ryza 3 – How to Farm Skill Points (SP)

Since it’s been mentioned that you will need a lot of SP, you can tell that this is an essential mechanic to pay attention to if you ever want to progress through the skill tree.

You can only do quests so much until you get tired of doing the same thing over and over again so here’s another method you can try later on in the game to bump those numbers up!

You’ll require as many points as possible to make sure you and your party’s growth don’t stop for the duration of the game. Here’s what you can do to maintain a steady supply of SP:

  • Synthesis – A core feature within the game ever since the dinosaurs started to roam the earth, aside from gathering materials or engaging in countless amounts of combat that are. With enough time spent next to the crafting pot and choosing the right nodes, you’ll be swimming in SP before you know it.

When trying to earn the most skill points through crafting you must remember the item level and the number of effect slots you fill before crafting the item, these two things stack and in return will grant you more sp as long as the quality and level are high enough.

You also get bonus sp whenever you craft an item for the very first time which really is a big enough hint telling you to craft everything that the light touches.

  • Quests – A slightly slower yet viable method of earning SP and materials. Here you have two more options: Random Quests and Normal quests. The former can be identified by a green marker on your minimap while the latter can be spotted by looking for golden question marks. These quests can help you earn skill points as you progress the game due to the sheer amount of what you can get.
  • Rebuilding Items – One of the game’s best sources of skill points is rebuilding items that can help you get as much as 500 – 3000 SP. You have to progress through the game a bit in order to unlock the Item Rebuilding skill before you can go crazy with this. But once unlock the skill all you have to do next is duplicate items to the maximum level through the crafting cauldron.

Try out these methods and within a few hours your SP will resemble the number of numbers you have in your bank account, which isn’t much but that’s how farming works, now get those extra zeroes in!

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