How To Get GOLD Medal In Grakour | Dying Light 2

Can you master the Grakour parkour challenge?

There are different sets of skills that you can get in Dying Light 2 that can help with your missions.  Some skills can help improve your parkour skills and give you better momentum. This guide will show you how to get a gold medal in Grakour.

Grakour Gold Medal – Dying Light 2

Before you can start the Grakour Parkour challenge, you need to get a specific skill first. You need to have the Active Landing Parkour skill for this challenge. This skill will reduce your fall damage and maintain your momentum if you press C before you land.

Once you have the Active Landing Skill, go to the Trinity area as seen in the map above. Go to the southern part of the area and you should see a small building with a blue arrow pointing at the entrance.

Start the challenge by interacting with the post to your left. When you start the challenge, jump down the building and use your Active Landing skill.

Follow the path to your left until you see a path that leads north. Climb up the building with ledges hanging off it and head right until you can jump north to the next building. Keep heading north and you should see a yellow rope.

Use the rope to gain momentum and use your active landing skill again when you land. Keep following the blue marker to your right.

When you go to the last marker, jump off the building and use Active Landing to prevent any delays.

NOTE: You need to complete the challenge within 55 seconds to get the Gold Medal.

Good luck!

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