Stroll On The River GOLD Medal Guide | Dying Light 2

Cross the rivers quickly in this parkour challenge!

The city of Dying Light 2 is filled with the infected, but it is also filled with different structures and buildings for you to explore.

The riverside is one of the places you can travel to in Dying Light 2. This guide will show you how to get the gold medal on the Stroll on the River challenge.

Stroll on the River Gold Medal – Dying Light 2

The Stroll on the River is a parkour challenge that will challenge your parkour skills using a combination of jumping and swimming.

The challenge takes place in the river on the Muddy Grounds as shown in the map below.

Go to the southeastern part of the map and you should see a post next to the riverside. When you start the challenge, head straight to the first blue marker by using the rope to cross the river.

Head to your left and go straight, jumping off the ledge and hooking on the tractor at the other side to get to the blue marker faster. Jump into the river and swim to the blue markers until you reach the yellow jumping pad.

Follow the blue marker and jump at the ledge again, hooking on the tractor to get across the river. Jump to the river for the last marker and you should complete the challenge.

NOTE: To get the gold medal, you need to complete the challenge within 55 seconds.

Good luck!

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