Ultimate Fury Cricket: GOLD Medal Guide | Dying Light 2

Ready to send some infected flying? Use this trick to complete the Ultimate Fury Cricket challenge!

There are a lot of event challenges in DyingLight 2 that can give you additional gameplay experience.  The Ultimate Fury Cricket is a side quest that you can do in Dying Light 2. This guide will show you how you can get the gold medal in the Ulitmate Fury Cricke.t

Ultimate Fury Cricket Gold Medal – Dying Light 2

To start the Ulitmate Fury Cricket challenge, go to the central part of the Quarry’s End as shown in the map below. You will find a building in the area with NPCs, go and talk to Don, who is leaning on a metal table.

After talking to Don, you can interact with the item on the table to start the challenge. The goal of the challenge is to force 20 Infected out of the ring before your time runs out.

To get the Gold Medal, you need to complete the challenge within 1 minute.

When you start the challenge, the Infected will jump inside the ring and attack you.

The key to getting the gold medal here is to study the pattern of the infected spawning inside the ring. They have the same spawn pattern, and if you can learn their pattern, you can position yourself beforehand.

If you position yourself correctly, you can charge attack and quickly push the zombies out of the ring. Aim a bit lower to push them out of the ring instead of the ground.

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