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Where To Find Gible Early in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Have an advantage by finding Gible early in the game

It is quite possible that you want to have Garchomp if you play Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, but to have Garchomp you need to do a few things first. Eventually Gible evolves to Garchomp Gible is a Dragon and ground type land shark Pokémon, with a 5.9% chance to catch with a regular pokeball. Gible can be found with sand veil as an ability and has a slow growth rate with a 1 attack EV yield.

The Way To Find Gible – Pokemon Briliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Those who want to have this Pokémon should have beaten Gym 6 in Canalave City. 

First of all players need to get to Wayward Cave. This cave can be found underneath the Cycling Road on Route 206. When you arrive in the area, head to the left and go under the overpass and into the cave. 

Here you must beat leader of the Gym Bayron at Canalave City, next head yourself to Eterna City and take the exit to Route 206 and go on the Cycling road until you reach the end. Next exit Cycling Road’s tunnel and make right, than stick to the right side of the grass under the Cycling Road bridge. 

When you see a cave on you’re right go left till you find yourself under the bridge than press forward and find a secret cave. When you’re in Wayward cave make sure you use a Pokemon that knows Flash, he will help you see, than push the rock that block your path and enter the left side opening.

Now ride your bicycle up two slopes and make right than jump three ramps in a row. You will find yourself in square area of dirt and here you will find Gible.

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