How To Start PvP Co-Op Match TCG – Genshin Impact Genius Invokation

Duel with other players in the Genius Invokation by using this guide.

Genshin Impact continues to innovate its game and add more gameplay features that extends the playability of the game, something that most gacha games don’t really do, but instead just continuously refine their core gameplay. While Genshin Impact does the same thing, it also makes sure that the player base has something to do other than just adventuring the world and doing side quests until the next story update. But until then, you should try dueling other players in the card game, and this is how you do it.

Genshin Impact Genius Invokation – How To Start PvP Co-Op Match TCG

Go to The Cat’s Tail bar and check the Match Invitation Board

The Cat’s Tail bar is where you can do most of the dueling in Genshin Impact. Once you are in The Cat’s Tail, find the Match Invitation Board, which is where you will be doing PvP card duels.

When you approach the Match Invitation Board, you will be given the choice to either Invite Character or Co-Op Match. Select Co-Op Match, and you will see the options to Invite Teammate or Match. Select Match, and your game will start matchmaking you with another player.

Once you get an opponent, click on Accept and the PvP match will start.

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