Is Melvor Idle Online Only?

Can you play Melvor Idle Offline?

Melvor Idle is a casual idle game that combines idle game mechanics and adventure. However, do you need to be online all the time to play Melvor Idle? This article will discuss how the offline system on Melvor Idle works.

Combat System

The Combat system has a new update that made it possible to implement offline combat. This also means that the game allows Offline progression as well as online. This works by allowing you to take a record of the skill you want to train and calculate the amount of time you are gone. 

Offline Progression

There are various rules to the Offline Progression of Melvor Idle. For example, Offline Progression has a maximum cap of 18 hours. Leaving the game for longer than that will yield no progress. 

You can perform Thieving and Combat actions but there is a risk of your character dying, so be sure to equip enough food for AFK Training. You can use gloves and skillcapes offline if you equip them in your active equipment set. 

You can also earn Mastery Tokens offline but there is currently no auto-plant feature for farming. The Crown of Rhaelyx can also save materials while you are offline.

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