Melvor Idle: Astrology Level 99 Guide

How can you max out your Astrology skill?

Astrology is one of the skills you can max out in Melvor Idle. Learning and leveling up your Astrology skill can give you buffs that can give you buffs like the Agility skill in the game. This guide will show you how you can level up your Astrology skill to Level 99. 

Astrology Guide

There are various constellations in the Astrology tab that you can unlock as you progress. Below is a list of the Constellations in Melvor Idle.

  • Deedree – Level 1
  • Iridan – Level 10
  • Ameria – Level 20
  • Terra – Level 30
  • Vale – Level 40
  • Syllia – Level 50
  • Arachi – Level 60
  • Ko – Level 70
  • Tellus – Level 80
  • Hyden – Level 90
  • Qimican – Level 95

A higher level Constellation will give you more experience and you can get the Astro item after doing an Astrology action. This item will give you a 0.1% chance to get a Golden Stardust. 


You can also purchase the Astrology Skillcape in the store for 1,000,000 gold pieces once you reach level 99. This will give you an additional 1 point to the base drop of the Stardust and Golden Stardust that you get from Astrology.

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