Melvor Idle: How To Eat Automatically | Auto-Eat

Eat automatically for your AFK Farming!

Melvor Idle is an adventure game with rich features and skills for your character. The game is a combination of idle gameplay, allowing you to progress into the game as time passes by. There are over 20 skills for you to max out and below is a guide on how you can automatically eat in the game.

What is Melvor Idle?

Melvor Idle is a casual adventure game that is available for the Browser, Android, iOS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. Games by Malcs developed Melvor Idle. The game is inspired by Runescape, built with a Zen in mind. 

The game has numerous dungeons and 8 dedicated skills for your character to use. It also includes 1,100 items, including foods for your character to use in battle. 

How to Eat Automatically in Melvor Idle

Is there a way for your character to automatically eat while fighting enemies? You can buy the Auto-eat function in the shop in the first tab. Afterward, equip your food before going into dungeons. 

You can also change the health percentage that your character needs before it activating the Auto-Eat function. You can use this feature to AFK farm for your character. 

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