Kabayama Secret Precious Chest In Genshin Impact

A precious chest in exchange for stones? Deal!

In What Difference Does This Make achievement, you need to complete the quest in order to receive the Kabayama Precious Chest. Here are the things that you need to take note of.

Genshin Impact: Kabayama Secret Precious Chest

So, we start this in Dainichi Mikoshi, go under it and here you will find Kabayama

NOTE: If Kabayama is not here, sit on the stone and he will appear. This will also prompt the start of your progress for the achievement. 

Then, find the first stone in Evernight Temple in the rocky area. The second stone is located on the island south of Dainichi Mikoshi, next to the tree with a lantern. 

Finally, in The Narrows, in front of a large stone pillar with a lantern, is the third stone.

Note that you need to sit on all these stones at these different locations. 

Then go back to where we started under Dainichi Mikoshi and talk to Kabayama. After the conversation, a Precious Chest will appear in front of you.

Open it and you will get 6 items: Exile’s Goblet, Silver Sword, Iron Point, Mystic Enhancement Ore, Exile’s Pocket Watch, and Exile’s Feather.

If you’re having problems with the quest in particular the stones, read a more comprehensive guide on finding the Kabayama stones.

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