Kaiju Universe: Golden Tree & Mothra Egg Location

How can a tree grow all the way up there?

Kaiju Universe Mothra Egg Location

Kaiju Universe is a Roblox game that pits you against other players and their favorite monsters in a battle to wrest control of whatever’s left of the seven major islands. However, fighting each other to the death isn’t going to go well for you if you lack experience.

That’s where the daily missions like finding the Golden Tree and Mothra Egg come in. Completing each task will reward you with a decent amount of experience.

Enough to make sure that you keep up with all the other Kaijus around you. Find out where these objectives are by reading the rest of the guide below!

Golden Tree & Mothra Egg Location

The Mothra Egg is in a cave on island on the lower right of the map. You can find the cave rather easily if you manage to locate the waterfall right in front of it.

Now, the Golden Tree is somewhere in the Arctic along with the Puppeteer’s Hat – a component you’re going to need if you want to unlock Voodon.

Kaiju Universe World Map

There are two buildings located on this island: a research facility and a large warehouse owned by Amazon.

Finding the Golden Tree will be made easier if you use the large warehouse with a pipe sticking out of it as your landmark.

Follow where the pipe goes and look up the mountain. You’ll find a golden tree at the very top that can’t be destroyed.

Stand close to the tree and click on it to complete the mission and get your reward. Be quick though, other players might come and fight you for it.

Kaiju Universe Golden Tree

And that’s where the Golden Tree and Mothra Egg can be found in Kaiju Universe. Now, with that quest out of the way, you can go back to fighting each other to the death!

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