Icarus: How To Fix Shadow Flickering

Deal With Shadow Flickering In Icarus

It can be quite frustrating when some part of the game is not working properly. Overall as a game, Icarus is quite well made and can not be said to be full of bugs. But like in any other game, also in Icarus can occur in some places.

How To Fix Shadow Flickering Icarus

In the case of Icarus, flickering may occur when rendering shadows. This annoys the players a lot. But fortunately, this problem can be easily solved. All you have to do is:

1. Go to settings first

2. Select the display tab

3. In the Nvidia section and set the DLSS mode to off

Another option is to set the DLSS mode to Quality and the DLSS sharpness to 0. You can try both of those options.

For some reason, the DLSS mode causes flickering of the shadows in Icarus. 

Do not forget that turning off DLSS will worsen the quality of the graphics in the game so it would not be bad to change some things yourself to improve it.

If you decide to make changes to the settings, the DLSS mode may turn on again and cause problems, so be careful.

However, this should solve the problem of flickering shadows in Icarus.

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