King Legacy: All New Sword Revamps – Update 5

A preview of how they all now look like!

King Legacy: All New Sword Revamps - Update 5

The long-awaited Update 5 for King Legacy has arrived with a bunch of new things to explore and sword revamps. While fruits have always received a lot of attention, we’re finally getting some love for the weapons! We’re going to be sharing the look of new weapons in the game now.

All New Sword Revamps (Update 5)

A total of 22 Swords received changes with the Update 5. With this update, swords are getting buffs and cool new effects reworked. Better range, better damage, and reworked rarity!

Here’s the list of weapons that received reworked:

  • Night Blade (V1/V2) is now a Mythical rarity blade with V1 and V2 mode that you can switch by speaking to the Night Blade Master NPC at Shred Endangering on the cold side. Bring the Force of Verdant with your Night Blade. Kill a Sea Beast and the door to the NPC should open.
King Legacy Night Blade Master for Night Blade V2
  • Katana is everyone’s basic weapon to get at just 5,000 Belis. It now has cool forward slash animation and is not bad for your first purchase.
  • Mini Mace perhaps the next best buy in the game for early levels, Mini Mace has instantaneous moves that are easy to land.
  • Pipe is similar to the Gold Spear for both moves with better effects, but shorter range for the X move.
  • Jitter has simple instant slashes. Simple animation, though a tad flashy with bright blue light.
King Legacy Jitter
  • Gold Spear has a pretty disappointing Wrecker move, but the X move can be pretty far and aimed up in the air while you drag them there.
  • Triple Katana now has really satisfying effects on both Z and X moves. Z has knockback effect and X is great for when the enemy is surrounding you causing AoE damage.
  • Authentic Triple Katana (V2) has a great X move that moves fast with a decent range. While the Z can stun the enemy on air. The M1 also hits hard and a lot.
  • Pole gets new electric effect on both moves. They are brighter with more details and decent range as well.
  • Tashi Blade gets a new really bright Z move and decent X move damage.
King Legacy Tashi Blade
  • Shark Blade from Arlong boss has decent damage both moves since they nearly instantly hit, especially the X move.
  • Anubis Axe has a long wind-up on its X, though it gets a super fantastic effect. Same for teh Z, but it has a much better chance of actually hitting your enemy.
  • Adventure Knife has a very wide AoE on its X with decent damage and while the Infernal Wheel can be a little hard to hit, it still hit pretty decent.
  • Mom Blade has really good range and amazing effects now. You can aim the X easily and both moves have decent damage.
King Legacy Mom Blade
  • Kioru (Z) only get a change on the Z move and while both does a lot of hits, their total damage is pretty low still.
  • Hunter Blade
  • Sunken Blade (X) only has a change on its X move and both still have amazing damage.
  • Hell Sword may just remain everyone’s favorite due to how high of a damage you can use on both moves. But now with cooler effects!
  • Authentic Mace while the Z is a great spammable move, the X is a wide AoE, but with low damage.
King Legacy Authentic Mace
  • Xmas Blade is extra flashy with red and green Christmas theme. Decent damage especially with the X move and quick Z move.
  • Sweet Lozenge which is a Christmas-limited weapon gets a new SFX while the damage remains average.
  • Bisento has spammable, insta-hit Z move and a good ranged attack with its X.
  • Saber (V2) receives the V2 version similar to the Night Blade. Find the Unearthly Guardian NPC on the only island in Third Sea behind the castle where Lord of Saber is. You supposedly need 2m bounty, 5 Aqua Gem, and a Kraken Cache.
  • Demon Trident (X) receives a revamped skill, but not just that. There’s also a floating rumor of a possible Demon Trident V2 quest happening once you reach the new level cap. An NPC with unknown purposes was found by a player in the Third Sea near the shipwreck area.
King Legacy Third Sea Forsaken Trident
Forsaken Trident NPC in Third Sea

And that’s everything on the sword revamps for King Legacy Update 5. There’s so much to unearth this update and players have continued to try and discover all of them. We’re going to let you know ASAP once we’ve got these all clarified!

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