Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2: Ghost In Training Trophy Guide

Silent as a Ghost.

Modern Warfare 2 (2022) is a sequel to the highly popular Modern Warfare (2019). As you can tell, this is a different timeline of the original Modern Warfare series. While the characters and events mostly stay the same, the two games have shown that there are indeed differences in terms of story events. For example, there is a level in the 2022 version of Modern Warfare 2 where you have to sneak into a penthouse that does not appear in the original. You can also earn a achievement if you do not kill anyone or set off alarms.

Ghost In Training Trophy Guide – Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

When you reach an area where everyone is wearing balaclava, go to this gate at the back.

Go up to the where the plans are and vault over them. Jump up to the balcony above and sneak inside.

The area here is restricted, so guards will shoot on sight and sound the alarm. Grab bottles as they will help you distract them.

Go through this hallway until you make it to the statue and take the door on the right.

Once inside, go through this doorway, but still crouched to avoid detection.

Vault over this railing on your left.

Climb up using this to get to the roof of the building.

Hide behind walls and watch out for enemies. They are patrolling the roof, so you need to be careful and utilize the bottles around you. There will be a guard that will roam around. Wait until he reaches the roof on the left before proceeding.

Pull out a bottle and aim it at the vase in the middle then continue.

This will distract this guard, giving you enough time to sneak behind him.

When you are behind the guard, he will turn around again. Stay crouched ang pull out another bottle and throw it at the vase again to distract him once more. This will let you slip past by him without noticing you.

Quickly climb up this ladder before anyone notices you.

After climbing up the ladder, you will meet Alejandro. You two will go inside here to operate the elevator down.

Stop the elevator at the third floor and open the door.

Continue to this door and you will get a cutscene, as well as the Ghost in Training achievement.

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