King Legacy: New Best Location for Gunpowder

Boatloads of gunpowder for you, matey!

Gunpowder is an important Rare resource in King Legacy so players are always trying to figure out where to farm it, and there’s one spot that seems to be the new best location.

This farming spot has weak enemies, is easy to reach, and allows for very quick farming. It’s a real hotspot, since Gunpowder is essential for upgrading certain items and also for trading with other players!

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to go and how to farm this coveted rare resource in King Legacy.

Best Location for Gunpowder | New Farming Spot

King Legacy: New Best Location for Gunpowder

Before going to the farming location for Gunpowder, you should make sure to reach Level 1200 at the minimum.

Also, be sure to get Devil Fruit with strong area-of-effect attacks, such as the Quake Quake Fruit.

Basically, you want to be able to deal high AoE damage quickly. This will make it quite easy to wipe out mobs, speeding up the farming for Gunpowder!

Lobby Island on the map

Anyway, the new best location to farm Gunpowder is Lobby Island over in the First Sea region. 

Once you reach the island, head toward the centermost part of the island. You should spot a building with a cement circle on the ground next to it.

The Naval Personnel enemies for farming

The area marked by the cement circle is where you want to farm for Gunpowder, as it has a set of respawning Lv1200 Naval Personnel enemies.

Despite their level, they’re very weak and easy to take out. Just use your strongest AoE attacks to wipe them out as quickly as possible!

They’ll also respawn infinitely and it only takes a couple of seconds after you defeat them. As such, it’s a very easy spot to farm since you basically don’t need to move.

Farming example with a gunpowder drop

All you need to do is keep spamming AoE attacks, wiping out the weak enemies, and reaping the rewards!

If you find it a bit slow or tough to farm, make sure to level up to increase your damage further.

Anyway, that’s all there is to know about this new Gunpowder farming location. It’s easy to reach, has weak enemies, and requires almost no effort on your part.


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