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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Siege Of Paris DLC: How To Get Joyeuse Weapon

Get an amazing Short Sword of the Ancients!

Ubisoft has released the Siege of Paris Expansion for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and it seems to be exactly what we expected it to be… Great storyline, a lot of exploring and not many, but interesting new items. Now, there is a secret saber that you can get with the help of a few keys and a little bit of parkouring. We know exactly where to find these keys and get you the Joyeuse Weapon, so let’s get into it and get that beautiful sword!

How To Get Joyeuse Weapon – ACV Siege Of Paris

To get into the sanctuary where the weapon is, you’ll first need three keys. Getting the item is similar to defeating the witches in the original game.

  1. Key 1

    This one is in the Evresin region, Northeast of Evreux, Soutwest of Pont-de-l’Arche, at the column quest sign shown below.
    Once you’re there, find one of those breakable wooden floors and get down there. Inside you’ll find a door with the Assassin’s mark. Open it.
    There will be many annoying rats around. Use your power attack to scare them and get the key at the end of the room.

  2. Key 2

    You can find it in the Melunois province, at the Diodurum Ruins. This one is one is a must to reach anyway, since it has a fast travel.
    Again, you can see it below at the column quest sign.
    Jump into the lake here and go up into the ruins. You will find another Hidden Ones’ door. Get in there.
    After a bit of scuba diving, you will find at the end explodable rubble. Just throw a red barrel at it, get in there and the key will be on a desk.

  3. Key 3

    In the Amienois region, East of Paris and South of the Epernay fast travel you can find this last key, in the place shown below.
    For this last one, look around for a breakable wooden floor, get in there and open the marked door.
    Explode the rubble wall and inside you’ll find the third and final key.

To get the actual weapon, you’ll have to get inside the Hidden One’s bureau. It’s right where the player cursor is below, down the hole there.

Once you get there, open the door with the keys and, inside, to the right will be an explodable wall. Inside you will find the sword.

You will also get the “Future Past” trophy, so that’s a nice little bonus on top!

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