Legacy Piece: How To Get Geppo

Master one of the six techniques!

Legacy Piece is another brand new Roblox game inspired by the beloved anime One Piece. The game is in its early stages but still has everything you would expect in it like searching for treasures, new abilities, leveling up and exploring the seas!

Legacy Piece lets you acquire one of the iconic six techniques of “Rokushiki” from One piece. In the anime series it’s called Geppo, the game, however, refers to it as Skywalk. Stick around and I’ll show you how to obtain it!

How to get Geppo

Getting Geppo is very straightforward and doesn’t take too many steps. You’ll need to do the following:

  1. Go to Shellstown.
  2. Talk to the Sky Walk Trainer to get Geppo.

Keep reading and I’ll explain in detail how to achieve each of these steps. 

Let’s get started. 

You need to be at Level 25 to unlock Geppo. So, if you haven’t reached 25 yet, you should do that first before hopping on this quest. Once you’re on the required level, you can start on obtaining Geppo. 

First, you’re going to need to go to Shellstown. Check out the map below to see where Shelltown is located on the map.

Map in Legacy Piece, Roblox.

When you reach Shellstown, you should be at the entrance of the island. 

Shellstown in Legacy Piece, Roblox.

Enter the place and walk up some stairs and you should see houses, apartments and buildings. From here, keep going straight, a little leaning to the right side of the town and you should find another staircase that leads up.

Shellstown in Legacy Piece, Roblox.

Now, head upstairs and keep going straight to where you’ll see a large blue building

Marine in Shellstown in Legacy Piece, Roblox.

The building is labeled Marine. That’s where you want to go. Head inside and go up the first flight of stairs that’s to the right of you. 

Marine in Shellstown in Legacy Piece, Roblox.

When you’ve reached the first floor, you’ll see another set of stairs. Don’t go up these stairs. Instead head toward the cells. Next to the cell that’s by the stairs, you’ll find the Sky Walk Trainer

Skywalk Trainer in Shellstown in Legacy Piece, Roblox.

Talk to him and he’ll say that he can teach you Skywalk for a price. The price being $1000. Since you don’t have the ability yet, you can speak to him, and he will charge you that 750. And that’s how you do it!

NOTE: If you run into this NPC at a later time after you’ve got Geppo, avoid talking to him because you might end up losing $1000. So, there’s no need to talk to him again after this.

You should have Geppo now. You can try out the move and have some fun with it! And since you’re here, you probably cannot get enough of this game and would like to explore more. We have exactly what you need! For a more challenging adventure to obtain another ability called Haki, check out this article how to get Haki in Legacy Piece!


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