Contraband Police: All Hidden Treasure Locations

Glory to Acaristan, inspector.

Safety is just a social construct, this statement is proven further as you progress Contraband Police when you discover that illicit items have already made it past the border days before you were even deployed to the checkpoint. Either someone was mentally off-duty or the enemy is closer than you think. Now it’s your job to find the rest of these contraband items scattered around Acaristan in the hopes of securing more funds to arm yourself with better equipment in the event that the checkpoint ever becomes a warzone. Find out where each drop point is located by reading this guide!

All Hidden Treasure Locations | Contraband Police

What you’ll be looking for is Oberankov’s money, these are crates you can find around Acaristan with the help of a shovel or two. Most of them are far enough from prying eyes to be found easily as they really have you go out of your way to get to them. Refer to the map below as you go through the list of locations worth checking out!

Here are the locations where you can find Oberankov’s money, use the letters and numbers across the grid to locate the items easier:

  1. South of the Carat Motel, follow the road and stay inside the area around F1 while looking for behind the electrical tower.
  2. South of the Sawmill in between E6 and F6 behind a hill on the side of the road.
  3. West of the Cemetery in E8, follow the path until you see a dump site and go directly behind the barrels
  4. South of the Drunken Bear Inn at E8, climb over the hill and find three trees that are suspiciously close to each other.
  5. Bottom right corner of I6, climb the mountain and take a left turn until you see some bushes off the side of the road.
  6. Go to the end of the bridge in G5 and follow the path until you come across a boulder. Take a right turn behind that boulder and climb the hill until you see the dirt mound on the ground.
  7. East of the Border Post in 6B, go down the hill next to the first road sign you see to find the stash.
  8. Southwest of Gavrilov’s Hideout in D5, the stash is hidden in the center of the swamp.

Don’t forget that there are KGB files that you can find around the border post as well if you’re done digging through things that aren’t yours!

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