Loomian Legacy: How to Get Free Mimask Saddle

Find the means to ride a Mimask with this easy method!

Loomian Legacy is a Roblox game that revolves around searching for various types of creatures and collecting as many of them as you can.

As a part of the Jolly Festival update, new Loomians were added to the game, such as the Mimask. In this guide, we will show you how to get the saddle in order to ride it!

How to Get Free Mimask Saddle

Before you even consider getting the saddle, you should try and catch a Mimask first. Either you can get extremely lucky with wild encounters, or you can check out this guide for a guaranteed way to face Mimask.

Now, acquiring the Mimask Saddle is incredibly simple. Just go to the Peppermint Swap shop that is run by an NPC that looks like Santa Claus.

At this store, you can acquire various items ranging from special evolution items to saddles for a variety of creatures. The Mimask Saddle will cost you 250 peppermints.

Loomian Legacy peppermint swap

These resources can be obtained from the Jolly Festival Evergreen Maze, which is where you have to avoid the Nevermare as you navigate your way around it.

You may already have enough peppermints to buy it from your time getting the Mimask to begin with, but if you don’t, then simply keep farming the maze until you do.

Loomian Legacy mimask saddle in action

And that’s pretty much it. Once you buy it, just go to your inventory, select the saddle, and click on Use. It is a pretty amusing item, and you should absolutely get it before the event is over!

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