LOTR Return To Moria: How To Rebuild The Drain Pumps & Drain The Water

Dwarves can’t swim well it seems!

Lords Of The Rings Return To Moria How To Rebuild Drain Pumps

Going into the depths of an old Dwarven hold and fighting whatever creatures that are lurking about. Repairing the old mechanisms generations of Dwarves before you have built to rekindle the flame. Not to mention all the riches you can get! That’s what you can expect in Lord of the Rings Return To Moria and there are a lot of things to rebuild here.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can Rebuild the Drain Pumps and Drain the Water for a goal in the game. We’ll also show you what materials you’ll need to do it! Now let’s see what you can do.

How To Rebuild The Drain Pumps & Drain The Water

Since you’re a bunch of dwarves going inside the old city of Moira there are a lot of mechanisms there that are now ruins. One of the areas you’ll need to rebuild is the Pumps that will drain the waters in one area of the map. Here’s how you can do this goal in the game.

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Materials You Need

Before you try to rebuild the Drain Pumps, you’ll need to prepare the materials. The place is quite dangerous, and enemies can spawn in the area around the quest.

If you don’t want to lose any items, then make sure to only bring the bare essentials and not bring anything you can’t afford to lose.

Here are the items you’ll be making:

  • Stone Hearth
    • Cost: 18 Stone, 15 Coal, 20 Wood Scraps.
  • Forge
    • Cost: 5 Iron Ingots.
      • Also, bring coal for fuel.
  • 3 Replacement Pipes
    • Cost: 5 Iron Ingots each.
  • Pier ScaffoldingBring a lot of wood since you’ll be making plenty of these.
    • Cost: 3 Ubasam Wood.
Materials You Need

Rebuild Drain Pumps Goal

Now that you have the materials, you’ll need you’ll want to go to the partially submerged stone platforms in front of the Pump Station.

You’ll then want to go to the left where there’s a waterfall. From there, build Piers to get to that area.

NOTE: The waters in the area have an enemy that can attack you if you get too close to the water. They can also appear in the waterfall though that might be a bug.

LOTR Return To Moria Building Pier

Once you’re on dry stone, shimmy your way to the pump station. Go inside the pump area and place down a Stone Hearth first, followed by a Forge.

LOTR Return To Moria To The Water Pumps

The reason why we’re placing them here is because the Replacement Pipes you make in the forge aren’t normal items.

You’ll need to individually carry them to the broken pipes, and it can be quite slow.

LOTR Return To Moria Replacement Pipes

There are 3 broken pipes in general around the area and their places might change due to how procedural generation works. For some of the pipes, you might need to build a few platforms to get to them.

Once you’re done placing the pipes, go inside the pump station and look for the giant gear. Next to it is the lever that Drains the Lower deeps. Interact with it to complete the goal!

LOTR Return To Moria Drain Water Lever

That’s how you rebuild the drain pumps and drain the water in LOTR Return To Moria. Now go out there and try to do it yourself!

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