Madden NFL 22: Best DEFENSE To Use | Simple Defense Guide

Use the advantage of placing your defense correctly

Everyone has problems setting tactics in NFL 22. Here we will talk about defense, what is the best tactic in defense, and how to use it to your advantage.

Best DEFENSE To Use | Simple Defense Guide Madden NFL 22

So what is the best defensive tactic in NFL 22? In my opinion, the best defense is Triple Nickel. Select Cover 3 Sky you can also select a one-line blitz but Cover 3 Sky is probably the best. 

The best way to do this in the game is to customize the deep blue safe and use it in a blitz right in the A gap. 

You also need to pinch the linebackers and press coverage. Use the blitz on the linebackers. This is how you cover all the players and this results in the closure of each passing option. 

Even with the change of formations, the procedure is the same, press the safety line and cover the linebackers. 

Basically, just focus on the central part of the defense, push and close the pass options. This method is the most successful in defense in every sense.

One of my favorite defenses to use is of course Nickel Triple, Cover 3 Sky.

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