Madden NFL 22: Menu Is Stuck / Frozen Fix

Easy way to fix frozen menu in Madden NFL:22

We now have the new long-awaited Maden NFL 22 at hand. However, players have reported problems with the game. It freezes itself on the loading screen when you try to launch it or the game menu freezes. However, if you encounter these problems, we can provide some solutions.

Menu Is Stuck / Frozen Fix Madden NFL 22

So, if you come across this problem, we have some solutions for you. One of the first things you can do is disconnect your controller off and connect it again. 

There may also be a problem with the game itself so you can try shutting it down and launch the game again. Also, try restarting the device on which you play the game.

Check if there are any updates for the game if they are not installed automatically, you install them manually. 

Running the game as an Administrator can help fix this problem. This is easy to do just log in to the game Properties and click on Compatibility. 

Here you will find the option Run the program as Administrator. 

There is an option that a file is missing in the game. So to prevent that you can scan and repair game files on Steam or Origin. 

You will do this by entering Steam, finding Madden NFL 22, and clicking Properties, here you will find the option Verify the integrity of the game files.

For Origin, fixing this problem is similar. First, find Madden NFL 22 and right-click on it. Then click on Repair. Origin will then check the game itself and automatically download the missing file.

As an option, you can try to navigate through the menu using your keyboard. If the problem is in your controller this can solve the problem or go to the controller menu and see what the problem is.

Generally, this problem is up to the game itself. Specifically, with one of the next updates, the problem with the freezing of the menu and the loading screen should be solved. 

This means the real problem lays is in the game itself but that does not mean you should not take it easy on yourself and try the fixes that we mentioned above. 

Some of these solutions will likely help you.

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