Meta Lock: Complete Beginner’s Guide

Show off your soccer moves!

Meta Lock is one of your Roblox MMORPG user-generated games. If you’re an anime fan, you might have already guessed that Meta Lock is inspired by Blue Lock. Meta Lock is a sports game that combines soccer with flashy anime moves. 

The aim is to develop your build, sharpen your stats, practice, and challenge fellow players to rank up to the very top. Now, this may sound easy in theory but to get to the top, you need to first be familiar with the basics. Stick around for a complete beginner’s guide to Meta Lock. 

Complete Beginner’s Guide

Start screen in Meta Lock

In this beginner’s guide, we will cover the basics of Meta Lock. This includes the following:

  1. A short introduction of Meta Lock.
  2. The start screen.
  3. The menus in the Lobby.
  4. Basic and complex mechanics.

So let’s begin with the introduction. 

A short introduction of Meta Lock

The introduction was given at the start but let’s go a bit deeper into it. We know that this Roblox game was inspired by Blue Lock. 

Meta Lock gets weekly updates and the developers are always working to improve it which makes it promising. This gives the players something to look forward to most of the time. 

The game may be fun at the strat but not as fun as when you’ve trained a lot and developed your stats and build or have gotten deeper into the game. You might actually find it a bit slow but don’t worry. The more you progress, the more exciting things will be, you just have to get there first. 

The Start Screen

When you start the game, you’ll be met with the start screen. From here, you can decide what you’d like to do first. Let’s break it down. 

Start screen in Meta Lock


The start screen has five panels. The first one is the Play where you can start playing the game. Or as the game describes it, you can let your ego out on the playing field. It will take you to the Lobby of the game. We’ll talk more about the lobby moving forward. 


The next panel is the shop where you can buy items for Robux and stuff for your build. You can buy stats, game passes, spins and uniforms. 

Shop in Meta Lock


The panel above the shop is your Locker. The locker will give you access to your Builds, Stats and Inventory. The Items you buy from the Meta Shop goes into the inventory.

Locker in Meta Lock

Your Stats will comprise of Strength, Power, Tackle and Flow. You can allocate or increase your stats points to focus on a certain measure. This also depends on which position you want to take in the game. For instance, if you want to be a defender, you’d keep Tackle high and so on. 

  • Power increases how far your shot goes.
  • Speed increases how fast you run.
  • Tackle increases the hotbox on your tackle. 
  • Flow increases flow gain and duration. 
Build in Meta Lock

When you go to Build, you’ll see: Weapon, flow, trait, talent and face. Your weapon and flow are important. You can work with practically any weapon as long as you’re skilled. 

Flow might be a little difficult to obtain but it gives a good boost. Trait is your clan. This gives small buffs and talent is passive which has to be activated. Face is your appearance. 


Next on the start screen we have Ranks, which is pretty much the same as ranks in the game. Join this and compete with other players in a competitive match to rank up to the top. 


Finally, Practice panel where you can practice your moves before going to the ground or ranks and challenging real players. 

The Lobby 

Lobby in Meta Lock

The image above is what Meta Lock’s lobby looks like. You’ll always spawn first into a lobby whenever you start a game. The lobby is a place where you match with other players around the globe who also play the game. 

These players will be on your server when you start the game. They are the ones you will interact with, so go ahead and get to know them. The Lobby has three menus:

Menus in lobby in Meta Lock

The first one is a Shop. It lets you buy accessories, emotes or equipment that may be useful for the game or may be just for decorations and fun. You buy these goods with Meta Bucks. Furthermore, you can earn meta bucks by winning matches.

The Second menu is Emotes. The emotes section will be available in future updates of the game. 

The third menu is Team Creation. This menu lets you create your own team in Meta Lock where you can invite your friends.

Shop in lobby in Meta Lock

Basic & Complex Mechanics

Walking in the game is pretty simple and is something everyone can do. Next for sprinting, go to settings and enable the shift lock switch. When you do this, you can click CTRL to Sprint. 

Walk and click shift to run

To dribble, spam left click. You don’t entirely need to spam left click to dribble but it’s recommended to spam the button, so the ball can follow you as you dribble. 

Player in Meta Lock

You can use right click to kick/shoot the ball. When the ball is neutral or when someone has it, you can tackle it. The ball will become untouchable. 

When you dribble and shoot the ball at the same time, it will toss the ball higher. Press “G” to activate your flow and “R” to activate talents. The talent in the image below is MetaVision

Player using MetaVision in Meta Lock

The key to good dribbling is to be unpredictable, so your opponent cannot predict your next move. You can even develop your own style of dribbling that will catch your opponents off guard. Remember to improvise your movements and not stick to one pattern or your opponents may figure it out. 

Next, the best strategy to obtain a goal as a beginner is to shoot at the corners, preferably the bottom corners of the net. So, practice and train to shoot toward the corners. 

Player scoring goal in Meta Lock

For passes, you can catch a pass with M2 or click “A” to drop it. Or when someone from the other team is about to shoot, you can use pass intercept to stop it. Passes are important in the game, so bring along your friends and practice every movement and strategy so you can dominate the field!

Before we conclude this guide, here are some Meta Lock codes for you!

  • CODESPINS20 – 20 spins (New!)
  • Shutdown0 – Five spins
  • ThxFor10M – Five spins
  • srry4shutdown – Five spins
  • COPYCAT – Five spins
  • HAPPYNEWYEAR – Five spins
  • CURVES – Five spins
  • GODPASSREWORK – Five spins
  • TRAP – Five spins
  • ACCELERATION – Five spins

To redeem codes, go to locker, then build. Push the blue button at the bottom of the screen and type or paste your code into the textbox. Hit enter and enjoy your rewards! While you’re here, don’t forget to check out this post on How to Easily Get to the Leaderboard in Endless in Toilet Tower Defense.


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