Toilet Tower Defense: How to Easily Get to the Leaderboard in Endless

Get yourself recognized by the community with these few tips!

Toilet Tower Defense, despite being a cooperative horde fighting experience, does have a bit of competition in it with the addition of leaderboards to the game. With that in mind, you and a couple of friends can help each other reach the top of the scoreboard for the Endless game mode. Here are a few tips to help you achieve that top spot!

How to Easily Get to the Leaderboard in Endless

The Endless game mode, as the name implies, will continue to send you progressively harder enemy waves over time. The leaderboard will show you the top players who have reached the highest waves currently possible.

If you check the leaderboard out, it resets every few days. Upon reset, rewards are given out to the top 100 players. In addition to gems, players will also get special towers as a reward.

As of writing this, the top players will get an Upgraded Titan Drill Man, of which there are only around 800+ in the game right now!

Toilet Tower Defense endless mode leaderboard showing the rank rewards

Preparing For a Leaderboard Run

In order to make your run to the top of the scores easier, you will need the help of another player. Preferably, pick a friend who you can strategize with and has the required towers for the run.

Basically, the two of you will have to bring completely different loadouts consisting of the specific towers listed below. We’ll go through how you’re going to use them further down the guide.

First Player’s Loadout

One player in the group will have to bring the following:

  • Hyper Upgraded Titan Speakerman – Mainly obtained from the Injured Titan Crate with a drop rate of 1%.
  • DJ TV Man – Can be obtained through the Exclusive Booster Crate and only works with certain other units.
  • Astro Upgraded Titan Cameraman – This one is only acquired through the store for 499 Robux. Trade for it if you don’t want to spend real money.
  • Santa TV Man – Can only be acquired through trading as of writing this article.
  • Speaker Repair Drone – Can be bought for 299 Robux or acquired through trading.

Other Player’s Loadout

The other player in your group will have to take these units with them:

  • Upgraded Titan Cameraman (old version)– A godly unit that has a very low 0.01% drop rate from crates whenever it is available.
  • Leprechaun Cameraman – Can only be obtained through trading as of writing this article.
  • Green Laser Cameraman – Can be bought for 399 Robux. You can also get it through trading if you don’t want to spend money.
  • Titan Clock Man – Can be bought for 699 Robux or acquired through trading with other players.
  • Santa TV Man
Toilet Tower Defense player's unit page showcasing some of the required towers

The Main Strategy

At the start of the Endless match, both players should set up their three Santa TV Man towers to begin farming money as early as possible. Upgrade these units whenever you can to maximize your gains.

In the meantime, the player with the Green Laser Cameraman should also put down at least one of them to take out the early waves. This will be your only line of defense early on, so place it in a spot where it can also catch stragglers.

Toilet Tower Defense cooperative endless mode starting setup

Around Wave 15

At around wave 15, you should have some high level Santa TV Man towers by now. The player who has the Astro Upgraded Titan Cameraman should then place it somewhere in the middle of the map for the best coverage.

At the same time, the other player should put down their Leprechaun Cameraman somewhere near their Green Laser Cameraman for extra defense. Upgrade all of these over time, as well as the Santa TV Men.

Toilet Tower Defense player putting down their astro upgraded titan cameraman

Around Wave 25 and Beyond

After about ten or so waves later, the person with the DJ TV Man should put that unit beside the Astro Upgraded Titan Cameraman. Upgrade it as much as you can immediately to maximize the buffs it gives and its range.

Then, start placing as many Hyper Upgraded Titan Speakerman units that you can fit within the range of the DJ TV Man. At the same time, the other player must put down their Upgraded Titan Cameramen parallel to the Hyper towers.

As an added bonus, place a maxed out Leprechaun Camerman beside the DJ TV Man to boost the range of nearby units. At this point, you can sell the Green Laser Cameraman and the Leprechaun beside it.

Toilet Tower Defense cooperative endless mode midgame stages

From this point onwards, just keep on piling up Hyper Upgraded Titan Speakermen and Upgraded Titan Cameramen all across the arena parallel to one another. Max them out as early as possible.

The general idea here is that the Hyper Upgraded Titan Speakermen will be able to deal incredibly high DPS while the Upgraded Titan Cameramen do slightly less, but occasionally stun targets when they get too close.

With this setup, you can easily get up to around wave 120 with little effort, as long as you can sit there for the time required to reach it.

Toilet Tower Defense cooperative endless mode later waves

Potential Solo Strategy

If you don’t have a friend who can help you out, there is a solo alternative that you can try out. This route will require the following towers:

  • Mewing TV Man – Obtainable during the April Fools Event by summoning through the Jester Crate (0.5% chance). Still available as of writing this, but only for a limited time.
  • DJ TV Man
  • Hyper Upgraded Titan Speakerman
  • Santa TV Man
  • Astro Upgraded Titan Cameraman

How it Works

At the start of your run, rush your Santa TV Man units to start generating a lot of money. In the meantime, place one Mewing TV Man near the start of the map to act as your early defense.

This tower is capable of stunning enemy mobs in addition to having area of effect attacks, making it a great early game defender when you’re rolling solo.

Upgrade everything and start placing down your Hyper Upgraded Titan Speakermen at the center of the map. Don’t forget to leave some space for a DJ TV Man at the middle later on.

Toilet Tower Defense solo player Endless mode on early waves

Once you are done placing all of your Hyper Upgraded Titan Speakermen, put down a DJ TV Man in the middle of everything so that it can buff all of your units.

In addition to that, place an Astro Upgraded Titan Cameraman at the side, where it can hit units that are just spawning in. This will allow you to slow down virtually everything that tries to pass through.

In later waves, you can freely sell your Santa TV Men to let you place down more Hyper Upgraded Titan Speakermen. Fill up the area around the DJ TV Man with these towers as you approach the late game waves.

With this setup, you can very easily reach wave 100 and beyond on your own, potentially getting a leaderboard finish. Enemies will eventually leak though, as your defenses will not be enough without another player to help you out.

Toilet Tower Defense solo player Endless on later waves

And those are all of the tips we can give you when it comes to reaching the top scores in this game’s Endless mode. While you’re here, if you need some free resources, check out our article on the Toilet Tower Defense codes that is updated every now and then!


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