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Metroid Dread Artaria: All Collectible Locations | 100% Full Walkthrough

Get all the hidden items in Metroid Dread Artaria!

Metroid Dread Artaria is an action-adventure game that allows players to control a bounty hunter called Samus Aran. Collectibles in the game are hidden items that can improve your skills as you progress. 

All Collectible Locations – Metroid Dread Artaria

Missile Tanks can increase your Missile Capacity by 2, Energy Tanks increase your Energy Capacity by 100, and Power Bomb tank increases your Power Bomb capacity by 1. Below are all the locations of the collectibles you can get in the game to increase your skill capacities. 

  • Missile Tank 1 – You can get this hidden item when you get the tutorial for hidden items, which is part of the story. 
  • Missile Tank 2 -On the right side of Samus, before the door. 
  • Missile Tank 3 – Climb up and head to the left. Shoot the door to go through and a Muzby will appear. Defeat this enemy and continue heading left using the upper door to get the collectible. 
  • Energy Tank 1 – From the waterfall area, go straight to the right until you enter a series of caves, keep going right to get the collectible. 
  • Missile Tank 4 – Go through the upper right door.
  • Missile Tank 5- Head to the right and keep climbing the walls using your Spider Magnet until you see 2 breakable boxes. Shoot them to get to the collectible. 
  • Energy Part 1- Collecting 4 energy parts will increase your energy capacity. This collectible is to the left of the save station. 
  • Missile and Tank – This collectible increases your capacity by 10. From the uppermost part of Samus, go to the left and slide down until you get to the area submerged with water. 
  • Missile Tank 6 – Jump up, the collectible is on the left corner of the cave. 
  • Missile Tank 7- Head to the upper-left door and you can find the collectible in a tight corner to the left. 
  • Missile Tank 8- Head to the left and swim across the water until you reach a dead-end to your left. 
  • Missile Tank 9- From the elevator, head to the left and keep jumping until you get to the collectible on the next platform to the left. 
  • Missile Tank 10- Jump up the platform and transform yourself into a morph ball. Roll into the fake boulder to break it and shoot the red box. 
  • Missile Tank 11 -Go to the left and transform into a morph ball to fit into the uppermost corner, after breaking the wall, you will get the collectible. 
  • Missile Tank 12- Use your grapple beam to pull the wall upwards. 
  • Power Bomb Tank -Perform a screw attack until you can climb up. 
  • Missile Tank 13- Head to the left and jump down. 
  • Missile Tank 14- Give yourself a speed boost and run to the right and roll into a Morph Ball. With the speed boost in Morph Ball form, roll quickly to the left to destroy the boxes. 
  • Missile Tank 15- While underwater, go down and use Morph Ball on the tight area to destroy the wall. 
  • Missile Tank 16 -Go into Morph Ball form and drop a bomb to destroy the upper wall.
  • Missile Tank 17- Go to the left, shooting the boxes with your laser beam to destroy them. 
  • Missile Tank 18- Use your power beam to destroy the walls underwater and roll into a Morph Ball upwards. 
  • Missile Tank 19 – Go to the left and perform a screw attack until you get to the uppermost part of the room. 
  • Missile Tank 20- Perform a Screw attack upwards to destroy the boxes and get the collectible. 
  • Energy Part 2- Go to the upper left part of the cave. 
  • Missile and Tank 2- Speed Boost and run to the left until you break the wall. Once you get to the dead-end, transform into a Morph Ball and drop a bomb to destroy the fake wall. Go back to the left before the platform ends, give yourself a speed boost again, and transform into a morph ball to destroy the yellow block. 
  • Missile Tank 21- Go up and transform into a morph ball, drop a bomb twice to destroy the block. 
  • Missile Tank 22- Go up and down into the little aquarium. Jump up again to get the collectible. 
  • Missile Tank 23- Give yourself a boost and run to the right, wait for the platform to turn yellow, and run back to the left and upwards to destroy the blocks. 


Metroid Dread contains multiple collectibles that you can get by exploring the map of Artaria. These collectibles can upgrade the capacity of your energy and missile tanks. While some upgrades are in not-so-obvious spots, most can be collected as you play through the story. 

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