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And the Beat Goes On Far Cry 6

Get a great song for your Collection.

Far Cry 6 is full of fun enemies and collectibles that you need to get through. You just do. And if you’ve stumbled into the “And the Beat Goes On” Treasure Hunt during your adventure, you might need some help if you’re here. In this mission, you will have to traverse a tricky dungeon full of electric waterfalls and slippery edges. Luckily, we’re here to guide you to the USB stick at the end to complete your Collection!

And the Beat Goes On (Treasure Hunt) – Far Cry 6

Around central Cruz del Salvador you will find a Treasure Hunt called “And the Beat Goes On”. Here, you will enter a ruined nightclub and will have to get a USB stick from the DJ booth.

Your first obstacle would be a locked door that “Needs power”. To start the power, you will need to climb to a power switch that is hanging from a ledge.

To do this, grapple the disco ball that’s circled above and swing to the place where the arrow is showing.

You will see once you climb up to the disco ball that there is a place where sparks keep flying. That’s where the arrow is showing and where the power switch is.

Once you start the power be careful because the water all over the cave will electrocute you at several intervals.

Go through the door, climb so ledges going forward, and avoid getting electrocuted. You will have to climb up from where an electric waterfall can be seen.

After you continue through the linear path, you will reach the DJ booth and will recover the USB stick, along with some medicine and metal along the way.

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