Last Oasis: How To Use Stat Points

Learn how to level up!

Last Oasis: How To Use Stat Points

Last Oasis is a game where you will be exploring a very vast and rich wonderful land. You will be meeting all sorts of enemies each stronger and stronger. To be able to meet them head-on and take all of them out you will need to get stronger. How do you get stronger? Well, the answer to that question is the Stat Points.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to become stronger by using the Stat Points. Let’s get started.

How To Use Stat Points – Last Oasis

If you have just started your adventure in the amazing world of Last Oasis, you will have started leveling up and noticing a number in the top right of your corner. What does this number mean?! It is so confusing! This can be any number and sometimes might even grow to a 10 or 15.

Well, this number is representing the level upgrades that you can do and how many stats of attributes you can contribute to your character. This is leveling up in Last Oasis.

First of all, you will need to access your Stat Page. You can do this by clicking your character’s icon in the top bar. Or by default, if you have changed anything in the settings, press the letter P on your keyboard and you’ll enter it this way as well.

Once here you will see your total amount of Stat Points remaining(or the number on the top right) and you can select from 4 different stats.

These are all the stats which you can choose from:

  • Health – it is pretty self-explanatory. It increases your health if it is not clear
  • Damage – this one will increase the damage output that you can do on enemies
  • Mobility – it will increase how fast you can run
  • Stamina – this allows you to use more actions and also spring for longer

Select the Stat where you will want to dump points into. This depends on your playstyle of course. Whatever you choose will develop your character in a certain way so always keep this in mind. Stats are very important so don’t go wasting them on things you might not want.

If you misplace some points every now and then you can always reset your stat points with a character Respect Item. This item can be bought from traders and trading stations around the map.

For beginners and if you are at the early stage of the game our recommendation is to always go for the Health and Mobility one. These are the best at the early stages because you will have more survivability just by having more HP and the ability to run away from certain monsters that you might encounter which will be much higher level than you.

You can get a whole total of 78 maximum stat points. This means that you will be able to explore a lot with your playstyle and how you will shape your characters. The maximum level is 60 so you will get them all until you reach the maximum level.

This is how the Stats work in this game:

  • Each level up that you will get will mean +1 Stat Point for you
  • Every fifth level that you will achieve will mean a whole total of +2 Stat Points for you
  • Every tenth level will give you even +1 more extra than the ones before.

So to gain the most amount of Stats you will simply need to level up.

That is everything that you might need to know about the Stats in Last Oasis. We hope that this guide was of some help and made you a better overall player. Have fun leveling up and always choose your stats wisely!

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