Minecraft: How To Install 1.18 Bedrock Experimental Snapshot

Test out the all-new 1.18 patch before it releases fully!

Since you’re probably killing it on Minecraft 1.17.1 at the moment, you’d probably think that it’s time for Mojave to add some new content. And they agree with you. At the moment they are working hard on the 1.18 update, the “Caves and Cliffs” edition, and have made it possible for you, yeah, you, to test out the experimental version of this update, before it properly comes out.

In this expansion they will increase the limits of the world as you’ll build higher than ever and dig lower than you could before.  If you’re as exited as me to try this new version out, just follow this quick guide where we’ll show you how to install this beta version of the update.

Install 1.18 Bedrock Experimental Snapshot – Minecraft

First thing first, this article is for the normal Bedrock version, so if you use the Java version, we have a different guide tailored to installing 1.18 on Java. Check it out if that’s what you need. If not, then let’s proceed.

If you rather follow a video guide on how to do this instead, you can find one below.

Time needed: 5 minutes

It is relatively more straightforward to install 1.18 experimental snapshot on Bedrock Minecraft:

  1. First, open up the game. Easy enough. Then select “Play”, “Create New” and “Create New World”.

  2. Now, go down to “Experiments” and click the “Caves and Cliffs” toggle. After that a pop up will appear in which you’ll have to select “Activate Experiments”.

  3. Once you’ve done that, select the “Create” button and you’re good to go. Your Minecraft world is now updated with the newest patch.

Don’t forget that this is an experimental patch, so your game will, most probably, experience frame rate issues. Do not worry, this is just how betas work.

I hope this guide was useful and that you managed to easily test out the new update.

Video Guide:

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Minecraft: How To Install 1.18 Experimental Snapshot

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