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Monster Hunter Stories 2: How To Find Deviant Monsters

Ready for a challenge? Deviant monsters do exist in Monster Hunter Stories 2!

You have played the story of Monster Hunter Stories 2 for quite some time now, and you might be wondering: Is this it, is this the most challenged by a monster I will be? Short answer, no, there’s more. If you’ve player MH before, you might be aware that there are Deviant monsters in the franchise. This is a guide on how to find and unlock Deviant monsters in Monster Hunter Stories 2!

How To Find Deviant Monsters – Monster Hunter Stories 2

The thing with the Deviant monsters is that they’re basically normal ones, which have been through a lot, at least that’s the general definition widely accepted by the MH community.

As a consequence, to such erratic and unforgiving places that these monsters inhabit, they’ve evolved, and all of their stats are basically increased. But to find Deviant monsters in Monster Hunter Stories 2, players must first unlock them.

Time needed: 38 minutes

If you’re wondering how to unlock Deviant monsters in Monster Hunter Stories 2, you’re not alone, so this is how you do it:

  1. Complete the whole story.

  2. Travel to Lulucion and find the following NPC:

  3. Complete the first quest with the Pink Rathian- ‘A Monster Among Flowers’.

  4. Then, complete the quest with the Azure Rathalos.

  5. The next quest will be a Deviant hunt quest.

Basically, after you complete the whole story, this clerk is the way to go in terms of late game content, and Deviant monsters. Meaning, she unlocks Deviant monster hunts, which is something players struggled to do in this title.

Each quest, one after the other will be Deviant hunt quests. All in all, there is quite a handful of quests that players can go through, and the game will take players through all the Deviant monsters in the game.

At the moment, there’s really no other known way of unlocking or finding Deviant monsters in this installment of the franchise.

Nevertheless, the couple of quests players will get from the clerk are quite easy, especially the ones before the Deviant quests.

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