F1 2021: Best France Setup

If you’re new to F1 2021, this setup guide will help you tweak your car for the French Grand Prix!

Most F1 players or ordinary fans aren’t very fond of the French Grand Prix, and to be honest, I’ve always found that surprising. For most people, the track isn’t that fun to watch, but while the French track does have mostly straight bits, they’re often cut by difficult corners. With the changes to handling in F1 2021, and other mechanics as well, players struggle to find the best France setup for this installment of the franchise. Setting up your car for this track though, is relatively straightforward.

Best France Setup – F1 2021

On this track, in Sector 1, players will face sharper corners. On Sector 2, there’s a long straight with a Speed Trap, and one medium corner. The last bit is the fun one, Sector 3, being the one with the most corners.

Sector 3 has long but fast corners. All of this is to say that setting up your car for such a track might seem overwhelmingly hard, but it isn’t. At the moment, this is the best France setup in F1 2021:

  • Transmission
    • Differential Adjustment On-Throttle – 80%
    • Differential Adjustment Off-Throttle – 60%
  • Aerodynamics
    • Front Wing Aero – 5
    • Rear Wing Aero – 8
  • Suspension Geometry – Same as old F1 2020 setups, and other F1 2021 ones.
    • Front Camber – 2.50
    • Rear Camber – 2.00
    • Front Toe – 0.06
    • Rear Toe – 0.20
  • Suspension
    • Front Suspension – 3
    • Rear Suspension – 4
    • Front Anti-Roll Bar – 7
    • Rear Anti-Roll Bar – 7
    • Front Ride Height – 3
    • Rear Ride Height – 7
  • Brakes
    • Brake Pressure – 97%
    • Front Brake Bias – 56%
  • Tires
    • Front Right & Left Tire Pressure – 21.4psi
    • Rear Right & Left Tire Pressure – 23.5psi

In most F1 2021 setups, players will notice that there is a common theme reacurring, and that is the fact that Suspension Geometry doesn’t change for most builds. In fact, there were no changes to this, as it was pretty much spot on even in the last game.

In any case, the builds will also have some similarities here and there, but in F1 2021, the smallest changes make some big differences.

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