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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Where To Find A Swimming Monster

Want go through water fast? Why not get a swimming monster?

Since Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin just came out on the Nintendo Switch and the PC,  you might be in need of a helping hand. Since we all want to increase our Monster collection in this turn based RPG or, how some other people might call it, *cough*  egg hatching simulator, you might obviously need a water monster to drag you around the oceans of this beautiful world.

Where You Can Find A Swimming Monster in Monster Hunter Stories 2

The Monster you are gonna be looking for is the Royal Ludroth. To get it, you will first need to get to the second area of the game, which is the Alcala region.

When you are out in the fields of the Alcala Valley, go into the Monster Dens and look for the big yellow Monster which is shown on the picture below:

The Monster will be sleeping over the eggs which you will probably need to hatch it. If you get one that looks like the one in the picture below, great! You did it. If not, try again until you get it.

After this charming green and yellow egg hatches, you will get your own Royal Ludroth. You can, at this point in time, if you ride it, swim across the waters of the game.

The only slight problem you might have is that getting into the water is not very open world-ish. You can only enter the water through spaces that are assigned for you to enter the water, and you’ll have invisible walls around, which sucks.

I really hope this guide helped you get your own water type Monster and got you going on your adventure to Hatch Them All. Now get back to your game.

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