Starfield: 20 Tips & Tricks You Don’t Know

It’s dangerous out there, take these tricks and tips!

Starfield 20 Tips And Tricks

When playing through the massive game which is Starfield you might miss a thing or two in the game. From gameplay mechanics to tricks in playing the game you’d be surprised at how much this game has to offer.

It’s the beauty of Bethesda games, sometimes I still find new stuff in Skyrim years after its first release! There are some things that you might not know about Starfield and we’re here to remedy that.

In this guide, we’ll show you 20 tips and tricks to make your Starfield experience better. From manipulating objects to gameplay tips, we have a lot of them! Now, let’s see what this game has to offer for us!

20 Tips & Tricks You Don’t Know

Saying Starfield is a massive game is an understatement. There are a lot of things you can learn in the game as you play. These are some tips and tricks that you might not have known when playing the game!

Laundering Stolen Items

When you steal an item in the game, it’ll be marked with a red icon in your inventory. If you want to remove that red mark and unmark the item as stolen, then you’ll need to do the following:

Go to a vendor that will buy them and sell them the stolen goods.

Once you sell the stolen goods, don’t leave the trading screen. Instead, go to the buy tab and scroll to the bottom where there’s the Buy Back button.

Click on that and buy back the items you’ve stolen which are now marked as legitimate items! Don’t worry, you’ll buy the items at the same price as you sold them. So, it’s item laundering!

Starfield Stolen Goods

Stealing With The Chameleon Trait

In your travels, you might find pieces of armor that have the Chameleon trait with it. If you wear two pieces of armor with this trait, you can go completely invisible while standing still. You can use this to your advantage when you want to steal items.

Simply walk up to the item you want to steal and crouch down. Wait for the Invisibility to trigger and without moving, take the item you want to steal. You can do this in front of NPCs and guards and they’ll never react, making stealing things easier!

Starfield Chameleon Armor

Changing Ship Part Levels

When adding or removing ship parts when customizing your spaceship in the game, there’s a neat trick to make things easier. On consoles, you can use the D-pad to move the part up and down while on PC you can use the R and F keys.

This can make placing things easier when customizing your ship as you now have finer control over where the item is placed. This is way better than just snapping things to place with the free cursor.

Starfield Ship Customization Level

Finding More Ship Parts

When you go to a shipyard in the game, the stuff they’re selling is often set on that particular shipyard.

That means if you want to find more parts in the game, you’ll need to check the other shipyards in different systems. Some systems sell unique ship parts so make sure to get them all if you can!

Make sure to check our guide on where to find Shielded Cargo holds if you haven’t already. This can help you a lot when carrying contraband items throughout the game. Speaking of Contraband items…

Starfield Ship Parts

Selling Contraband

When going through the game, you might find these items with a yellow marker on their name. These items are contraband, and you’ll want to handle them carefully. When you go into a system with a contraband item and without a Shielded Cargo Hold, you’ll have to deal with the local authorities.

If you want to sell contraband in the game, then go and check out our guide on where to sell contraband. It’ll show you where to exactly go to sell these items, how to store them properly, and give you some tips on handling them.

Starfield Contraband Items

Skip Ladders In Your Ship

When you make a ship that is tall or has a lot of ladders to get to different areas, then it can get annoying fast. That’s because the ladder animation for the game can be quite slow, and repeatedly doing this can drive anyone insane. There’s an easy way to skip them though.

Remember that while in your ship, you can use your Boost Pack to fly around. Use this to bypass ladders, so that you can save time going around your ship! Hopefully, there’s a mod out there already to make ladder animations faster.

Starfield Ship Ladders

All The Workbenches

When you go through the main story of the game, you’ll get access to the Lodge. From there, you’ll want to go to the basement where you can find a room filled with Workbenches. This room has all the Workbenches in the game and will use any item in your inventory and your ship’s inventory.

Starfield Research Lab

Infinite Storage

When you also get to the lodge, you have access to the safe shown below. This safe has unlimited storage capacity, so you can throw all the loot you’ve been hoarding in your pockets and your ship.

There is also a Storage box behind the Research Lab in the basement that also has unlimited storage capacity. Now you know where to throw all your loot you loot goblin!

Starfield Infinite Storage

Fast Travel When Encumbered

Normally, when you’re Encumbered in the game, which is when you have too much stuff in your person, you can’t fast travel. There is one exception though, while inside your ship you can fast travel to any surface location on the planet you’re orbiting.

This can be useful when you want to empty the contents of your ship to the unlimited storage in the Lodge.

Starfield Fast Travel

Don’t Drain Oxygen While Encumbered

Another problem while being encumbered, is that when you’re moving, you’ll drain oxygen fast. There’s a nice trick though to make sure you keep moving when you’re recovering your oxygen.

When you aim down the sights of your weapon while moving, you don’t drain oxygen if you’re encumbered! That means you can still move while recovering that sweet sweet oxygen.

Starfield Aim Down Sights

Get Extra EXP Gain

Did you know that you can get a bonus of 10% more EXP when you sleep in a bed in the game for one hour or more? You can even increase it further by sleeping while having a fully romanced character in the game as sleeping with your lover will give you 15% more EXP!

Starfield Sleeping

Waiting In The Game

If you need to wait in the game, then you can find any chair that you can sit on to wait there. This is useful if you want the vendors on the planet to restock. That’s because vendors will always restock their items and their cash when 48 Universal Time (UT) passes.

So, if you want new stock or if the vendor runs out of money to buy your loot, just find a chair and wait!

Starfield Waiting

High-Value Books

When going around the many places in the game, or even checking vendors, you might find these expensive books. These books are often skill books that permanently increase a stat for your character when you read them.

Some of them even start side quests, so make sure to get them and read them when you find them around the game!

Starfield High-Value Books

Mine Faster

Mining all that ore in the many planets in the game can be a bit tedious and time-consuming. Here’s a trick to make it a bit faster.

If you hold down the left trigger on the controller or the right mouse button on the PC, this will charge up your cutter. When fully charged, it’ll mine things faster!

Starfield Mining With Cutter

Fine Thruster Movements

Have trouble docking to space stations in the game because of how strong your ship thrusters are?

If you have Level 1 in Piloting unlocked, you can hold the RB on the controller or space on your PC to use the fine thruster movements.

This will make it easier to maneuver your ships to dock, as it won’t use the full power of your thrusters.

Starfield Docking

Efficient Turning Speeds

When you’re flying your ship in the game, you can look at the lower left of your HUD to see your total speed. There is also a white bar next to the speed level and that’s the speed you’ll want to be in to do the most effective turns.

If you’re above that white bar, then your ship will need to decelerate to turn effectively. If it’s lower, then it’ll need to accelerate to do so.

Starfield Turning Speed

Targeting Ship Components

When you get Level 1 of the piloting skill, you’ll gain the ability to slow down time and aim precisely with your ship weapons.

You can also aim at the components of the enemy ships like the engines to disable them. Doing so will make them float helplessly in space where you can then board them!

Starfield Target Engine

Mining In Space

Going into planets and finding minerals isn’t the only way you can mine in the game. You can also hop into your ship and go to an asteroid field where you can shoot at asteroids with your weapons. Doing so will make them drop mineral deposits which you can then loot!

Starfield Mining In Space

Captain’s Locker

In all ships in the game, there’s the Captain’s Locker which is where you can store any loot in the game. It doesn’t have that much storage space but it’s something you can always use. You should also check these lockers when boarding enemy ships, as it often has good loot in them!

Starfield Captain's Locker

Use Your Scanner For Loot

When going through different stations or locations in the game, use your scanner so that it highlights loot.

The scanner isn’t just for scanning flora and fauna on planets but can also highlight items you can pick up. So, make sure to use it all the time in case you miss something in a room!

Starfield Scanner

Those are all the tips we’ll give you for now in Starfield! There are more things hidden away in this game, so make sure to keep an eye out for more articles like these! Now, go out there and explore the cosmos better with this newfound knowledge!

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