My Hero Ultra Rumble: Week 1 Tier List

There are a lot of good characters you can choose!

It has been a week since My Hero Ultra Rumble was released, and it is time to make a tier list about how the characters are performing so far. While the game is pretty new and the character abilities might change in time, we are going to take a look at their current status and put them into tiers. Let’s see My Hero Ultra Rumble: Week 1 Tier List!

Week 1 Tier List

All characters are separated into tiers based on their damage and skills, with S being the most potent and advantageous and C being the least.

S Tier

  • Katsuki Bakugo: Bakugo has the special ability to dash in any direction, which is one of the most valuable skills you can have in the game when you need to close the gap between you and your opponent. Throwing his grenades at the enemies does great AOE damage, and his moves also have a long range. Playing as Katsuki Bakugo might be difficult at the beginning, and you might struggle with how to efficiently use his skills, but once you master playing him, he becomes unstoppable.
  • Momo Yaoyorozu: Yaoyoruzu has insanely good sweeping attacks and is a nightmare come true when she is on the opposing team.
  • Ibara Shiozaki: Using the vines on her hair, Ibara Shiozaki has the ability to trap opponents in thorns and hold them until they die. It is not possible to get rid of her attack unless a teammate comes to your rescue. Her vines also provide her with a long range and a large hitbox.
  • Yu Takeyama: Takeyama has the ability to turn into a giant and cause massive damage. It is very difficult to avoid her attacks when she transforms, and her wide-range attacks only make it harder for you to survive.
  • Himiko Toga: Toga might be an S Tier character when used correctly, or she can be one of the worst ones if you do not know how to use her skills. Her special skill is to imitate and use the abilities of other characters. She therefore gives you the ability to possess the skill of any character you choose, but doing so requires familiarity with all characters.

A Tier

  • Mr. Compress: Compress is a conflicting character who, when employed right, has the potential to be one of the greatest. Despite the fact that he initially appears to be a support character, if you can level up his primary skill, you are able to do significant AOE damage.
  • Izuku Midoriya: Midoriya is capable of carrying a fallen teammate. He also has the potential for a good combo with his black whip skill.
  • Shoto Todoroki: Todoroki has the ability to move quickly and protect himself by sliding on ice and building ice walls. He can use both fire and ice, providing both harm and defense.
  • Eijiro Kirishima: Kirishima is the only character who has the ability to harden up, which lowers damage and stops flinching. He has a high potential for combos but lacks range.
  • Denki Kaminari: Kaminari can surround himself with electricity and deal a good amount of damage to the opponents close to him. He has a good AoE and long range.
  • Ken Ishiyama: Also known as Cementoss, Ishiyama is able to build cement barriers that provide defense and tactical advantages. He has a lot of potential, but he can also be a very bad character if you do not know how to play him.

B Tier

  • Ochaco Uraraka: Uraraka is able to make herself and her teammates float; however, her skills are very predictable and easily avoidable.
  • Tenya Ida: Tenya Ida has the ability to carry allies on his back. He is also extremely fast and can dash up walls, but he lacks power when it comes to AoE.
  • Tsuyu Asui: Asui uses her tongue for mobility and to assist teammates. However, she is not very good when it comes to dealing with damage.
  • Toshinori Yagi: Also known as All Might, Toshinori Yagi is capable of dealing huge damage with his smashes. However, his skills fall short when compared with the abilities of other characters.
  • Tomura Shigaraki: Shigaraki is able to cause damage to defenses. He also has decent damage, but not enough to be considered a good character.

C Tier

  • Itsuka Kendo: Kendo has the power to grab and fling teammates, assisting them in landing where they want to. She does not, however, possess anything unique and also has decent defensive ability.
  • Dabi: Another controversial character that can be different in every player’s hands. Dabi has the power to set flame traps and his body on fire.

This is it for our My Hero Ultra Rumble: Week 1 Tier List. Remember that this article is completely based on opinions and the list might change for every individual who plays the game. Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

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