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Best PUBG Settings | Easily Fix Lag & Boost FPS

Say goodbye to lag with these settings!

We all know how frustrating it is to play PUBG while lagging. Lagging and low performance can affect your gameplay, preventing you from getting that Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Here are the best PUBG settings which can help boost your FPS and help you get a smooth gameplay experience.

Fix Lag and Boost FPS — PUBG

To start optimizing your settings, launch PUBG and go to your System Menu. Select Settings and go to your Display tab. Make sure your Display Mode is on Fullscreen and you are on your native monitor resolution.

You can check your native resolution by searching Display on your search bar. Click on your monitor and scroll down to the Display resolution. If you want to boost your game performance, change the Lobby FPS Cap to 60 FPS.

Select your In-game FPS Cap setting and change it to Display Based. Now, scroll down and go to your Advanced Settings and set your Render Scale to 95%. Next, time to change the Overall Graphics Quality.

Set this option to Custom and your Anti-aliasing to Very Low. Your Post-processing should be low and your Shadows on Very Low. Change your textures to Medium and Effects to Low.

Change your Foliage setting to Very Low and your View Distance to High, allowing you to spot enemies in the distance.

Disable the Sharpen, Vsync, and Motion Blur options to boost your overall performance. If your PC supports DirectX 12, enable it in the settings to increase performance.

Apply these settings and use an FPS counter to check your gameplay performance. If you are experiencing in-game lag, it may be because of your connection. Enable the Network Debug Statistics in the Gameplay tab.

You can also enable NVIDIA Image Scaling in the GeForce Experience application to boost your performance.

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