The Last Spell: How To Beat Lakeburg Guide

Get that lizard out of here!

Sometimes when playing video games a level just beats you to a pulp. Maybe it’s one of those super hard Mario levels or maybe it’s a Raid in Destiny 2, whatever it is you’ll probably hit a wall in a game’s progression. Unless you play at an easier difficulty and you just breeze through the game like it’s nothing. When you’re stuck in a game you go look at guides, like build guides for RPGs or build orders for RTS games.

The Last Spell is a turn-based tactical RPG and it can get really tough in higher difficulties, so in this guide, we’ll show you how to beat Lakeburg, and it’s tough!

How To Beat Lakeburg Guide For The Last Spell

We can’t really give you a build order on Lakeburg because it highly depends on what gear you get and how RNG is feeling today. So instead of a step-by-step guide on how to beat it, we’ll give you some tips and tricks in hopes that it’ll help beat Lakeburg.

Here are some tips that you’ll need for beating this level:

  • Try to get an S for panic rank at least 5 of the first 6 nights.
  • Catapults are your friends, they’re very good at the early nights, drop a couple on each corner and let them do work on the enemies.

You might think Ballistas are better since there’s higher damage, but a Catapult can hit multiple enemies and get 2 shots per night.

  • Condense your buildings to obtain the night reward easily.
  • The best Omens for Lakeburg are Wanderer, Dexterity, and Fieriness.
  • When the boss spawns it’ll spawn as a blue head or tail, that’s phase 1. Phase 2 is when it turns yellow.
  • The boss will create Wyrmling eggs every few turns, use high damage abilities since you have a 0% chance to miss.

If the eggs are not killed, they will spawn the next turn as Wyrmlings. They have a top of the movement and double the HP of the eggs.

The eggs explode on death giving poison to diagonal or adjacent units.

  • After defeating the head and tail, a 3rd phase where the redhead will appear. Here, it will be more aggressive but you won’t have to worry about the tail. This will be your final stretch to defeat the boss!
  • The boss’ spawn point is semi-fixed, it can spawn in the middle of the lake or near the docks.
  • Towers are not worth it near where the boss spawns, the boss also destroys any building within 2 tiles when it spawns. Towers won’t get a chance to do much damage since the boss will focus on them.

Congratulations with these tips you can hopefully beat Lakeburg in The Last Spell. It can be tough and it’s difficult for most players to do this fight even at lower difficulties so don’t give up!

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