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Need For Speed Unbound: Kennedy Test Track All Collectible Locations

Find out all the 11 collectibles on Kennedy Test Track.

The newest game in Need For Speed franchise is out – Unbound, and the players really enjoy playing it. The main focus of the game is fast cars and races like the other ones. We do get also amazing collectibles in the game that players need to grab them. The collectibles are a great way to give the players more time to spend. In this guide, we will talk about where to grab all the collectibles in Kennedy Test Track.

Kennedy Test Track All Collectible Locations – Need For Speed Unbound

There are a total of 11 collectibles in this area that need to be collected. There are four Bear Champs, six Billboards, and one Street Art. So, let’s take a look at where to find them all.

Bear Champ #1

This is where you find the first Bear Champ. Head right from the road, and the Bear will be placed in the middle of the benches.

Bear Champ #2

The next Bear Champ will be placed inside the broken old village.

Billboard #1

For the billboard, you must use your full speed and use the boost as well to collect the billboard.

Bear Champ #3

For the next Bear Champ, you will be looking for a small part of trailers on the side of the road.

Billboard #2

You shall be on the road and hit the gas brake to reach maximum speed and jump off the ramp.

Billboard #3

For the next Billboard, you need to be on the road and take a right on the bend and fly up to catch the Billboard.

Street Art #1

The Street Art is located in front of the tunnel.

Bear Champ #4

The last Bear Champ is placed next to the two garages on the right next to the road.

Billboard #4

When you are on the road, you will take your right side and go into the dirt road. Hit your maximum speed to reach the Billboard.

Billboard #5

The following billboard is pointed out in the image below. To reach the Billboard is pretty easy, just follow the path and jump off the ramp.

Billboard #6

The Billboard path is shown below in the image. To be able to catch it, you will need to use your boost when you are getting close to the ramp.

These are all the collectibles that you need to find in Kennedy Test Track. We hope that this guide was helpful and you manage to obtain all of the 11 collectibles. If you have done that, move to the next area. Have fun!

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