Nightingale: How to Get All 18 Spells

Become a spellcaster on Nightingale by following these simple steps!

In the open world survival game Nightingale, there is a wide range of realms and minor modifiers to discover as you try to find a way to reach the titular city. Along the way, you’re going to need to create all sorts of weapons and armor to keep yourself alive. In this guide, we’ll show you how to make spells or enchantments, which can help you maintain an advantage in combat.

How to Get All 18 Spells

Spells or enchantments are basically magical abilities that you can use as long as they are slotted into your melee equipment. These can range from combat-centric effects to more passive uses like regrowing resources.

To make them, you will first need to construct an Enchanter’s Focus crafting bench. You will also need a Masonry bench to start making the required materials. Higher tier enchantments will require higher tier crafting stations and possibly certain augments.

Nightingale enchanter's focus interface showing some of the possible recipes

Unlocking the Different Enchantments

Simply put, you will have to travel to various realms in order to unlock certain spells. Since the location of essence traders are randomized, you’ll just have to do a bit of exploring as you progress through the game.

With that said, there are players who have noted where you can get specific recipes for all of the possible enchantments. They can be found in the following realms’ essence traders:

  • Recovery recipe – Swamp Antiquarian
  • Oberon’s Bounty recipe – Forest Astrolabe
  • Illumination recipe – Swamp Astrolabe
  • Track Legend recipe – Desert Provisioner
  • Hermetic Flame recipe – Desert Herbarium
  • Shockwave recipe – Desert Herbarium
  • Arborist’s Shield recipe – Forest Herbarium
  • Regrowth recipe – Forest Herbarium
  • Jana’s Roar recipe – Desert Gloom
  • Beast’s Instinct recipe – Desert Gloom
  • Ring of Empowerment recipe – Forest Gloom
  • Summon Swarm recipe – Forest Gloom
  • Quake recipe – Desert Hunt
  • Assasin’s Sight recipe – Desert Hunt
  • Salvation recipe – Ascended Swamp Astrolabe
  • Bramble Wall recipe – Ascended Swamp Astrolabe
  • Dispel recipe – Ascended Swamp Herbarium
  • Blastminer’s Trap recipe – Ascended Swamp Herbarium
Nightingale player about to cast the regrowth spell

Inserting & Using the Spells

After crafting your desired enchantments, go to your inventory and right click on them and press the “Apply” button. This will bring up a list of applicable weapons and tools.

Depending on what tier your desired weapon or tool is, you can have one to three spells slotted in. You can then choose among them by holding down “R” while the weapon or tool is equipped.

Your overall magick power will have an effect on certain spells, but not all of them. With that in mind, here is what each enchantment can do:

  • Regrowth – Perhaps one of the more useful spells outside of combat, it essentially regrows nearby trees as long as there are stumps present.
  • Arborist’s Shield – Temporarily improves all of your resistances, except for fire.
  • Jana’s Roar – Taunts of scares nearby enemies. Certain types of enemies are resistant to this spell.
  • Recovery – A fairly simple healing ability that allows the user to recover their health.
  • Oberon’s Bounty – Improves the user’s resource gathering capabilities.
  • Illumination – As the name implies, it creates a glowing orb that lights up the area. It has to be manually moved around.
  • Track Legend – Shows the caster the way to the nearest Apex or Fabled enemy.
  • Summon Swarm – Summons a swarm of bees that attacks nearby enemies.
  • Ring of Empowerment – Generates a ring that will buff all allies within range.
  • Quake – Creates a small area that damages and knocks back affected enemies.
  • Assassin’s Sight – Reveals the weak points of enemies and improves critical damage.
  • Salvation – Can be used to heal allies within range.
  • Bramble Wall – Creates a wall that will damage enemies that try to pass through it.
  • Blastminer’s Trap – Creates a glyph that will explode when enemies touch it.
  • Hermetic Flame – Covers the held weapon or tool in fire, allowing you to deal bonus damage.
  • Dispel – As the name implies, it dispels magic effects and may have certain effects on specific types of enemies.
  • Beast’s Instinct – Grants the ability to sense nearby creatures.
  • Shockwave – Makes your attacks deal bonus damage and have a knockback effect.
Nightingale player casting dispel on the forest spirit

And those are all of the spells in Nightingale, as well as how you can get them and what they do. With this knowledge, you can now find the means to defeat the legendary forest spirit enemy that you’ll typically find roaming the realms (though you probably shouldn’t if you don’t have Regrowth).


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