Nightingale’s Servers Go Down on March 6th – Update To Follow

Fixes incoming!

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Has it already been two weeks since Inflexion Games released Nightingale on Early Access? Time flies when you’re having fun! With the mystical survival-crafting game still in development, it’s understandable that we’ll be seeing plenty of updates. With a new one on the way, here is everything we know so far about the server maintenance and new update!

Server Maintenance

If you find yourself trying to return to your adventure in the Faewilds but the servers are down, don’t panic! Inflexion Games has announced that planned server maintenance will take place at 9:00 am MT (4:00 pm UTC) on Wednesday, 6 March.

According to Inflexion:

We’re expecting maintenance to take approximately 1 hour to complete and will provide an update when servers are back online.

Inflexion Games on Steam

Not long, but there is always the chance it may take longer, so plan accordingly! Take the dog for a walk, do those dishes that have been piling up, or – if you’re in the UK or Ireland – buy a Mother’s Day present (we won’t tell)!

New Update

With the servers down, Inflexion Games is hoping to pave the way for the brand-new Nightingale update. While full patch notes will be released after the update, the developers have given us some idea of what they’re focusing on. The new update will include:

  • General bug fixes and game improvements
  • Fixing farming mechanics
  • Improving inconsistencies with keybinding
  • Fixing problems with Player Byway Realms occasionally getting into a bad state

These come alongside several other changes which should hopefully make your experience as a Realmwalker much easier. Once the update is completed and servers are back online, stay tuned as we’ll be bringing you the new patch notes!


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