Omini X: How To Get Excalibur Guide

Pull the sword from the stone and you will now have the Excalibur!

Omini X: How To Get Excalibur Guide

In Omini X, you’ll be able to collect the transformation device and turn it into aliens inspired by the Ben 10 franchise. Not only that, but you can also collect unique weapons such as the Excalibur. This is an amazing weapon you can obtain to overcome in-game challenges. In this guide, we will show you how to get the Excalibur in Roblox Omini X.

How To Get Excalibur Guide

The Excalibur is a melee sword weapon that you can equip by pressing the Z Key. To use the attacks, you can press F, X & C (On PC). To get it, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Eternos Raid & Complete it
  • Collect & Use Excalibur (Lake Temple)

Eternos Raid

First, you will need to go to the Eternos Raid area. From Spawn, head straight and you will be able to find Max’s Plumbing on the left.

Then, you’ll want to take the road on your right and keep following that one path until you see the Castle on your right.

Omini X Road

As you fly on the road, pay attention to your right. There, you will be able to find a small hill with lots of buildings on top. On that hill, go towards the Castle area. The castle is made of stone.

Omini X Hill

Once you’re inside the castle, you will want to look for the blacksmith building with swords and a fireplace. Then, head into the small blacksmith building and you’ll be able to see the place to enter the Eternos Raid. Hold the interaction key and you will be able to enter.

Omini X Raid Eternos

Once you’re in, you will be fighting different monsters until you eventually see the final boss. It is recommended that you choose an alien with a ranged attack. For this, you check our complete guide for all Aliens in Omini X!

Having a ranged attack can help you prevent yourself from taking damage by the boss at close range. Make sure you always maintain a distance from the boss to prevent damage.

After you have defeated the boss, you will be able to obtain the Excalibur from a piece of stone. However, to start using it, you will need to head towards the Lake Temple.

Omini X Excalibur

Lake Temple

When the challenge ends, you will be teleported to the Lake area. Then, head towards the direction in the image below and you will be at the Lake Temple’s entrance.

You will want to wait until nightfall, which is when the game grants you access to the temple. Once the entrance is opened, you can go inside and collect the item.

Omini X Lake

Inside the temple, you will be able to find the Excalibur weapon by walking all the way to the end. After interacting with it, you will now be able to use it.

To equip the weapon, press Z (on PC). To attack, you’ll want to press F, X & C.

Omini X Lake Temple

That’s how you can obtain the Excalibur in Omini X. It’s a great melee weapon that you can use against certain enemies. You can also pair it with many different types of aliens to fully utilize the Excalibur.

Meanwhile, if you’re wondering how to obtain the Ultimatrix in Omini X, we have a detailed guide for that topic. Make sure to check it out!


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