Monster Hunter Sunbreak: Fast Talisman Farming | Save Scum Method

It’s not an exploit, it’s a feature!

Monster Hunter Sunbreak Fast Talisman Farming Save Scum Method

We all know that time is more important than money, and sometimes games have the gall to take both. Sometimes people optimize their games, and find the quickest routes and ways to get what they want so that they can pay lower time. When people want to save time and money, they can do some very creative stuff, and in this article, we will do the same. In this Save Scum Method guide, we’ll show you the fastest way to farm Talismans.

Fast Talisman Farming In Monster Hunter Sunbreak | Save Scum Method

Farming for Talismans in Monster Hunter can be a pain, sometimes you get a good one, and most of the time they’re quite bad. Then after melding you go back and get resources just so you can try again. What if I told you that you can skip the resource-gathering process? Well, probably in the second and resource gathering process and so on, you’ll still need a base number of resources.

The first step is to go to your settings and turn off autosaves. You have to turn that off so we can manually save and load at certain points.

Next is that you need to gather a lot of resources and accelerants for at least a full 10 meld order. You can find MP Accelerants when you have Backroom Deals activated in your Argosy. When you finish a hunt there’s a chance that some of your items can be switched to other items like the Accelerant or even Melding Pudding.

Now that we have all the resources we need, we can now start the process. First, save your game, so that when you load back in the future, you don’t need to go back to the options to change the autosave settings.

Then you need to start melding, and do a full 10 meld with all 10 accelerants. When you start the process it would instantly finish.

Once it’s finished, check what you got.

If you’re lucky and you get good stuff then congratulations you’ve got what you needed or wanted!

If you weren’t so lucky then just go to the system menu and select Return to Title Screen. It will prompt you to save, DO NOT SAVE, just leave and go back to the title screen. Once you do you should go and load your game again.

It will load you to the point where you haven’t started the melding process yet if done correctly. Now do the meld again and repeat until you’ve got your desired melds!

Congratulations, you now know how to save scum to reroll your talismans. Good luck out there!

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