Omini X: How To Get Potis Altiare (Albedo Boss Fight)

Buff up your Omnitrix even further!

The latest update for Omini X has added the new Albedo boss fight, which will let you get the Potis Altiare.

Potis Altiare is a unique device that ultimately works as an enhanced Omnitrix. It’s overall just better than the older versions of the Omnitrix in Omini X, so it’s great to have!

In this guide, we’ll tell you know how to beat up Albedo and get your hands on the fancy new Potis Altiare.

How To Get Potis Altiare and Unlock the Albedo Boss Fight | Basics

In-game phone

To start the quest to get the Potis Altiare and Albedo boss fight,first open up the settings in your Omini X in-game phone. Just click on the green tab on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Configurations icon

Then, click on the gear-shaped icon to open the Configurations.

Important settings toggled on

Now, you want to toggle on the Coordinates and Potis Altiare settings. Your current coordinates will now appear on the left side of the screen, making things a lot easier!

Besides those basic settings, there are also some prerequisites you should meet:

The Ultimatrix seems to be a hard requirement, but it will also give you access to Ultimate Jetray. It’s the fastest flying transformation, so it’ll come in handy!

That is because you’ll need to find 8 different Potis Altiare pieces spread throughout multiple planets. Being able to fly quickly will make the process a lot more painless.

Example of a temple

Each piece is inside of a temple, so they’re pretty easy to spot once you have the coordinates!

Example of a chest within a temple

However, the pieces might sometimes not be available, such as when another player collected them first. In that case, just wait 15 minutes for them to respawn.

Once you collect all 8 pieces of the Potis Altiare, you’ll be able to take on the Albedo boss fight. Take him down, and you’ll get the Potis Altiare itself… if you’re lucky enough.

Now, with the basics laid down, it’s time to start collecting all of the pieces!

Where to Find All 8 Potis Altiare Pieces

First temple and piece

The first piece we’ll go for is at the center of a mountain range on Earth. Its coordinates are 5643, 719, -8377. The temple is very easy to spot while flying!

Second temple and piece

The second piece is not far off, with its coordinates being 11830, -143, -3693. It’s near a beach on Earth, out in the open.

Besides these two, though, you’ll need to start exploring the vastness of space! The rest of the pieces are scattered across multiple planets. Ultimate Jetray sure comes in handy at times like these…

Flying into space for the rest of the pieces

You don’t need to visit the planets in any specific order, either. However, we’ve numbered them in the order that we consider most convenient. Plus, it should help you keep track of which ones you’ve collected.

Considering how easy to spot the temples are thanks to the coordinates, we don’t need to go into too much detail to find them. So, here are the exact coordinates for the remaining 6 pieces out in space:

  • Piece 3: -1559, -131, -72051.
  • Piece 4: 88486, -117, -42275.
  • Piece 5: 64854, 7, 66907.
  • Piece 6: -1052, 7, 90789.
  • Piece 7: -1255, 8, 50356.
  • Piece 8: -68339, 29452, 32847.

Once you’ve collected all 8 of the pieces, it’s time to confront Albedo!

Albedo Boss Fight | Using the Potis Altiare Pieces

Red Potis Altiare Altar, summons Albedo

Since we’ve been using coordinates so far, let’s keep at it. Head to -125142, 26604, 24663. You’ll find a unique red altar there, in the middle of a special planet.

Approach the altar and you should get the prompt to spawn the boss, Albedo. Prepare yourself for a fight and then interact with the altar!

Albedo spawned

The Albedo boss fight is extremely simplistic at first. You can use the same strategies you would when fighting other bosses, such as Vilgax.

You can just fly above him while spamming Goop Supreme’s powers, for example. As long as you don’t get close to him on the ground, he will be unable to damage you at all.

Beating Albedo by flying

Just make sure that your Omnitrix has enough battery for you to keep flying. If it runs out of energy, you’ll lose your transformation. Use your Hoverboard to stay afloat out of Albedo’s range if that happens!

Try to keep an eye out on Albedo’s health, however.

Albedo transforms into Evil Waybig

He will transform into Evil Waybig once he has less than 1000 HP, and he can deal good damage if he catches you unaware after transforming.

Just make sure to keep an eye on his remaining Health and fly up to get out of Evil Waybig’s range.

After he transforms, though, you can just continue spamming Goop Supreme’s powers until you manage to finish Albedo for good.

Despite his gargantuan size, he’s still incapable of damaging you if you hover over him… You can even land on his shoulders to continue attacking him safely if you wish!

Either way, defeat him and you’ll have a chance to collect your reward.

Collecting the Finished Potis Altiare

Collecting the reward: Potis Altiare

As soon as you defeat Albedo, return to the red altar you used to make him appear. There might now be a green chest near the altar, just a few steps down.

However, this green chest only has a 15% chance to spawn as a reward! If you didn’t get it, you’ll need to repeat the entire process. That includes collecting all 8 pieces and defeating Albedo again…

If you did get lucky, though, just approach the glowing green chest and interact with it to collect your reward!

As for its effects, the Potis Altiare seems to work as a sort of enhanced Ominitrix. It has better battery life and boosts the stats of your alien transformations even further!

It’s a great reward, and definitely something you should have if you want to reach the new level cap of 3000. Definitely going to come in handy for any future raid bosses, too!

But well, that’s the end of our guide. Now you know everything you need to know to fight the new Albedo boss and get the Potis Altiare in Omini X.


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