One Fruit Simulator: How to Get All Christmas Accessories Guide

Where can you find all of these new accessories in the game?

One Fruit Simulator is a Roblox game all about grinding and getting stronger, and it is based on the widely known One Piece anime and manga series.

Various bits of new content were added with the game’s Christmas update for 2023, and this included a set of accessories that you can find throughout the duration of the event. Here’s how to get them!

How to Get All Christmas Accessories Guide

First up, the Elf Armor set has three pieces, and each of them has a very low chance to drop from the Armored Evil Elves that spawn around the new event island (found directly behind the starter island).

One Fruit Simulator armored evil elf

Once you have managed to get a complete set, you should speak with one of the Good Elf NPCs on the island. They will offer to upgrade each piece to grant you a full set of Reinforced Elf Armor.

One Fruit Simulator good elf 2

Real Elf Armor Set

The Real Elf Armor Set, despite its name, can actually be acquired from the Yetis that spawn on the outskirts of the event island.

Just like the previous set of gear, each piece of this set has a very low drop rate, so you will have to slay a ton of Yetis to actually complete it.

One Fruit Simulator yeti

Frozen Flames Armor Set

Finally, the Frozen Flames Armor Set, which is the best of the recent event additions, can only be obtained as a very rare drop from the Nicholas of the Frozen Flames raid boss.

In order to fight him, you will first need to gather at least 50 Frozen Presents and trade it to one of the Good Elf NPCs for an Ice Fire Locus.

One Fruit Simulator good elves

Beside the NPC that gives you the Ice Fire Locus will be the elf that offers to transport you into the raid boss arena. Each attempt will cost one Ice Fire Locus.

The boss itself is nothing special, though it has around 30 billion HP, give or take. As with the other items in this guide, each set piece has a low drop chance, so there will be quite a bit of grinding involved.

As a bonus, you will also have a chance to acquire the new Christmas-themed weapons – Candy Cane sword and Snowball Launcher.

One Fruit Simulator raid boss

And those are all of the new accessories that you can get in One Fruit Simulator’s Christmas event update. They all have ridiculously low drop chances, so if you want to get them, you’ll have to start grinding hard before they go away for good!

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