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How to Fix PS5 Automatically Turning On or Off with TV

Stop doing this!

Fix PS5 automatically turning on and off with TV

We’ve all been there. When an annoying feature cannot be turned off easily, we’re frustrated. The PS5 boots up with some settings automatically turned on. One of them is how PS5 automatically turns on and off the TV when you boot up and vice-versa. But you don’t the TV to be completely linked because sometimes, you’re just trying to Netflix and chill.

Here’s how you can stop that from happening again.

Fix PS5 Automatically Turning On or Off with TV

You can fix your PS5 turning on or off with TV by going into the Settings and turning the feature off. To be exactly, head over to the HDMI tab, and you’ll see Enable HDMI Device Link. Turning this off will completely cut the automatic on-and-off settings.

PS5 automatically turning on or off with TV

Alternatively, you can keep the HDMI Device Link on, but fiddle with the two other options under it. Enable One-Touch Play will allow the linked device to also turn on when you boot up PS5. If you turn this off, you will have to manually use the remote control to turn on the TV.

Enable Power Off Link is a setting that allows your PS5 to go into rest mode when you turn off the linked device. So if you turn off the TV, your PS5 will go into rest mode.

fix PS5 automatically turning on or off with TV

De-linking this is also sometimes a workaround if you find your PS5 randomly shutting down halfway through. It also saves you the problem from when it randomly goes into rest mode when the TV is turned off accidentally.

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