Project Slayers: How to Solo & Farm Uzui Tengen | Update 1.5

Grinding for the Sound Katanas.

Project Slayers how to solo Uzui Tengen.
Project Slayers how to solo Uzui Tengen.

One of the newest boss tiers added to the Project Slayers with the 1.5 update is Uzui Tengen. The boss drops a new set of weapons that will make your future fights with other bosses easier with dual sword style. He also drops some other fancy items, so soloing him will be your best way to get all the loot.

Uzui Tengen is the boss you need to kill for those of you looking to get the Sound Katanas. It is a Mythic-rarity weapon and falls under the dual-sword category, which you can only find one inside a Tier-5 chest. Tier-5 chests only drops from Tier-5 bosses, which is added with the 1.5 update.

How to Solo & Farm Uzui Tengen

You can find Uzui Tengen boss near the Sound Cave. And if you’re not already there, you can find this Horse Guy who can teleport you there. If you haven’t been there, use the map that’ll allow you to unlock Sound Cave with Map points. But the boss is not inside the cave – the cave is just the closest warp point to reach his location.

Project Slayers: How to Solo & Farm Uzui Tengen

Project Slayers: How to Solo & Farm Uzui Tengen

When you teleport to the Sound Cave, you’ll immediately see an opening next to you. Leave the cave and take the right turn. Stick to the wall on your right and keep going until you reach this area. There will be a time that tells you when Tengen spawns.

Once he spawns, he’ll probably immediately launch his M1 skill at you if you aggro him, so dodge that. What you have to do is to push him to the wall.

Project Slayers: How to Solo & Farm Uzui Tengen

Much like other bosses and enemies, you need to have a wall behind them so you can launch your combos non-stop without knocking them back too far or allowing them space to run. You don’t need a team to make sure you lock him in place because Tengen is not that hard of a boss. He’s generally soloable as long as you know how to keep him against the wall so you can deliver your combo.

For weapon, the fans might not be a good choice since he can block those attacks. So try to use dual katanas as well against him, or if you want to keep the fights short, the scythes can be an alternative. All in all, Tengen is an easy boss that lets you beat him with your preferred fighting style.

Project Slayers: How to Solo & Farm Uzui Tengen

Uzui Tengen drops the Sound Katanas, but it’s a lottery most of the time. He doesn’t always drops it. That makes it necessary for you to grind this boss multiple times. But Uzui Tengen isn’t the only new content in 1.5 – check out this Rengoku Haori guide to get the game’s new best haori!

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