One Fruit Simulator: How To Get Corrupted Bisento

A new mythic weapon to use in your combat. Get it for free!

One Fruit Simulator: How To Get Corrupted Bisento

One Fruit Stimulator, a Roblox game where pirates meet martial arts, has recently dropped a new mythic weapon to help win those combat of yours. This new mythic sword will be all yours only if you are down for another round of Blaze Raid. 

Keep reading as details on how to get this new sword and descriptions of its five set of skills will be in your way.

How to Get Corrupted Bisento

Corrupted Bisento is a new weapon in One Fruit Simulator with a description of ¨Something is different about this one, and I don’t know what it is… ¨. It’s because the sword was known to be corrupted by evil and is being used by the legendary pirate, White Beard.

Corrupted Bisento a new mythic sword in One Fruit Stimulator.

Corrupted Bisento Location

To be able to get this mythic sword, go to Marine Base in the Third Sea. There are two locations for the Corrupted Bisento in this island.

It’s also the location of the normal Bilento – if you’re interested in that, we have a guide you might want to check as well!

Marine Base is the location to get Corrupted Bisento.

First Option – White Beard

As mentioned above, you have two options, the first option is to go to the very back of the base and you will see White Beard there. Although I do not recommend this one since it has a 0.03% drop rate, which is very low compared to the second option.

First option to get Corrupted Bisento is through White Beard.

Second Option – Kill the Boss, Flame Fist Blaze

The second option is to go to the left side of the base and one of the pillars there should have an NPC with a skull over their head. Talk to this character and start the Blaze raid

For more details about the Blaze Raid and how to beat it, we have a dedicated guide for that topic that you might want to check out!

A NPC with a skull over their head where Blaze Raid can be found.

But remember that you must have the Flame Key to start the raid. Out of flame keys? You can buy them at the daily shop. Also remember that you can do this raid with your friends as it will be easier.

Flame key, an item needed to start Blaze Raid.

Showcase Description of Corrupted Bisento

Corrupted Bisento has a set of 5 skills. This sword can hit the enemies even without entering its range. Its skill can also hit multiple enemies at the same time.

Z- Dark Slash

This skill shows a faint purple slash coming out of the smoke effect that will hit the enemy. It has a damage of 275.63 M with a 5 seconds cooldown. 

Z- Dark Slash of Corrupted Bisento.

X – Quake Blast

The sword will be slammed into the ground making the floor quake and blast with smoke.  It has a damage of 486.41 M with a 12 seconds cooldown.

X – Quake Blast of Corrupted Bisento.

C – Dark Multislash

The purple slash became bigger and more vibrant as it hits the enemy it will make multiple of slashes. It has a damage of 551.26 M with a 10 seconds cooldown.

C - Dark Multislash of Corrupted Bisento.

V – Dark Destroyer

A purple circle with electrifying effects will fly across the direction of the enemy. It has a damage of 113.50 M with a 17 seconds cooldown.

V - Dark Destroyer of Corrupted Bisento.

B – Dark Tremor Pulse

The sword will have a purple beam of light while the player is jumping across the combat.

B - Dark Tremor Pulse of Corrupted Bisento. Showing the jumping skill.

It gives 55% buff in sword damage and 10% to the damage sources. This sword will also buff Tremor Fruit damage by 55% and boost Dark Fruit by 35%. This has a 30 seconds cooldown.

B - Dark Tremor Pulse of Corrupted Bisento. Showing the purple beam light.

So, what can you say? This is a very cool mythic sword to have, right? And it will cost you no amount of robux. All you must do is win the Blaze Raid and with the current fruits and weapons in the game you can easily beat the Blaze boss. 

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and start going after this new mythic sword! Also, if you haven’t yet caught up with the Dressrosa (Rose Kingdom) Update in One Fruit Simulator, make sure to check out our guide for that patch as well!


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