Honkai: Star Rail – Complete Ruan Mei Build Guide | Lightcone & Relics

She’s everything you want her to be.

Honkai: Star Rail - Complete Ruan Mei Build Guide | Lightcone & Relics

Honkai: Star Rail added Ruan Mei in Update 1.6, whose build we want to share today. She can be absolutely bonkers and if you have her, an immediate top of the list character to dish out in every situation.

Sections are going to be divided into the best lightcones, relics, traces to focus on, and finaly, her team comps.

Complete Ruan Mei Build Guide

Ruan Mei is the first Honkai: Star Rail character to be able to increase Break Efficiency.

Previously, this was only available in the Simulated Universe via specific blessings like Night Beyond Pyre blessing from the Nihility path and the Resonance Interplay: Nullifying Order.

Her kit revolves around capitalizing on Weakness Breaks and more.


Her signature 5-star lightcone, Past Self in Mirror, is an immediate choice here. If you’ve managed to haul one, this is her best Harmony lightcone.

This has Break Effect buff, damage buff, and even energy regeneration.

Honkai: Star Rail Ruan Mei Light Cone

But if this is not a choice, don’t worry, there are decent alternatives:

  • 5-star: But the Battle Isn’t Over is Bronya’s signature lightcone. But this is always great on every support character in the game right now, including Ruan Mei.
  • 4-star: Memories of the Past if a great F2P option with similar Break Effect buff.

Relics Set

When we think about her relics set, we’re going to first share the stats and substats you need. The good news is, most support characters doesn’t a specific “meta” relics set. As long as they reach the numbers, they’re good.

And to explain why, because we want to capitalize on her Bonus Ability which adds extra damage to allies. (Read the next section on Traces for more information) These are the three most important stats for Ruan Mei:

  • Break Effect at 180% (32% by default comes from her own Traces)
  • A minimum of 120 Speed (145 if you’re using t he Talia: Kingdom of Banditry)
  • Energy Regeneration
Ruan Mei's best relics

So, with these stats in mind, here are the best relics for her. You can mix and match or go for a full 4-piece depending on your needs.

  • Messenger Traversing Hackerspace
  • Thief of Shooting Meteor (if Break Effect isn’t enough)

And for Planar set:

  • Broken Keel is always a great choice with the Crit Damage buff.
  • Alternatively, Talia: Kingdom of Banditry can be a choice to increase the Break Effect.
  • The new Penacony, Land of the Dreams is a more niche set for you who run Ruan Mei with Ice DPS like Yanqing or Jingliu.


Eventually, you want to max her traces, but in terms of priority: skill > Ultimate/Talent > Basic attack. In fact, you can forget about her basic attack and go for her Bonus Abilities immediately.

Honkai: Star Rail Ruan Mei's skill

Prioritize her Candle Lgiths on Still Waters bonus ability. This is going one of the best, permanent buff Ruan Mei gives to her team.

Every 10% above 120% increases allies’ DMG by 6% up to 36%. You can opt for whichever next in the abilities depending on your team composition.

Team Composition

We’ve slightly talked about this while discussing her relic set and lightcones. She, honestly, works in any kind of team.

Ruan Mei is the perfect material for characters that relies on Weakness Break like Xueyi. Or for DPS like Jingliu depending on if you use the Penacony planar set.

Just try her in any kind of team, you’ll love her!

And that’s for the complete Ruan Mei build in Honkai: Star Rail. She’s definitely a game-changer character that can help make some annoying enemies a lot more manageable. Enjoy!

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