One Fruit Simulator: Official Trello Link

Everything you need to know to play the game!

One Fruit Simulator: Official Trello Link

One Fruit Simulator is an open-world Roblox RPG game where you obtain different Fruits to become stronger. What makes the game different is thanks to the unique Training system where you can further boost your power. This means that you do not just rely on items to become stronger.

The game currently has more than 30 different locations for you to explore. Each location has unique NPCs, enemies, and bosses that you can fight and interact with. With so many things to know about, the One Fruit Simulator Trello can come in handy.

One Fruit Simulator Official Trello Link

The One Fruit Simulator Trello is a website that has all of the information about the game. There, you can read about many different features and potentially find tips on how you can progress more quickly. With up to 28 sections, there is a lot for you to know.

Although, don’t forget to check out ItemLevel’s One Fruit Simulator content as well – for dedicated guides, locations, tier list and such!

The first section gives you all of the general information about the game’s Discord Servers, Roblox Group, and Codes that you can redeem to receive rewards.

On the right side, you can view the Update Logs to stay updated with all of the changes to the game. There is also a list of Game Passes with all the information you need about the price and what they do.

The game has more than 30 different locations. The list will provide you with information about all the NPCs, enemies, bosses, and important features that you should complete before moving on to other areas.

One Fruit Simulator: Official Trello Link General Information

The Trello site will also provide you with information about Fruits and their Awakened Fruits versions. Each fruit has a unique skill set that deals damage to enemies.

Along with Fruits, there are also many ways for you to deal more damage to your opponents. They are Weapons, Guns, Fighting Styles and Accessories.

When you click on each section, you can view the item information as well as how to obtain items in-game.

There are also Tier Lists that you can take a look at so you can make better decisions on what weapons or accessories you should get.

Speaking of, we also have our own take for a Best Fruits Tier list in One Fruit Simulator – which ranks the fruits from best to worst!

One Fruit Simulator Weapons & Accessories

Upon spawning in-game, you will receive a Random Race. Races in the game will give you different stat increases depending on how rare they are. To reroll your race, you will have to spend Robux.

There are also lists of NPCs, Enemies, and Bosses for you to view on the site. These lists will provide you with information about their locations, shop items, HP, Attack Moves, item drops, rewards, and other useful features.

One Fruit Simulator NPCs

The next part of the Trello site includes Quests, Interactables, Raids, Special Shops, and Extra Features.

  • Quests: This is a list of all available quests you can take from level 1 to level 13,500. Clicking on each quest will show you the task as well as the rewards that you will receive.
  • Interactables: You will see a list of Chests. There are over 210 Chest Locations currently available in the game.
  • Raids: Raids are Boss Challenges that give a lot of rewards upon completion. Each boss will have different difficulty levels as well as rewards.
  • Special Shop: These are usually Event Shops or time-limited shops that you can access whenever there are special events.
  • Extra Features: Features that are really useful like Stats, Bounty, and Daily Quests will be listed here. These are optional for you to do, but are recommended if you want to progress quickly.
One Fruit Simulator Quests, Chests, Raids, Special Shop, & Features.

The last 4 sections of the Trello site include Past Events. There are the Christmas 2022 & 2023 Events, Halloween 2023, and Summer 2023 Events for you to play.

The Christmas 2023 Event provides players with time-limited Christmas Accessories, and some of them can be really useful.

Events are quite unexpected and you should always be prepared for them. Many different occasions of the year like Valentine’s are something the game can also celebrate.

For now, it is likely that there will be Summer Event 2024 as the next upcoming event.

One Fruit Simulator Past Events

That’s the One Fruit Simulator Official Trello! There are a lot of things for you to discover on this one site. If you have any questions that pop up, you can always go on the Official Trello and find your answers. You can also share the information with your friends as well!

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